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  1. John Micheals was ok it was Rick Kamala the perv who was annoying.
  2. I am expecting him to make the roster. He seems like he really wants it now and understands that it is not a privilege but must be earned. I can't wait to see how this story unfolds this year. I am pulling for the big guy.
  3. Second that, Schraeder was horrible.
  4. He is already one of the best tacklers and most physically LB on the team. Noticed that early in the preseason when he was the only one to meet the big Jags RB in the hole and not allow him to gain extra yards after contact. His forty time doesn’t always show up on film, but that could mostly be because of him still learning the defense.
  5. Not so sure Beasley is better than Fowler this year. Doesn't look like Beasley is progressing.
  6. Jones is a big factor, but Neal has been missed also. Neal and Kazee will be a force when Neal gets back. Neal helps in the run game more than we knew until he was out. I think both of those guys make this defense special. Seattle when they were the #1 defense they had the SS, FS, the MLB, and the shutdown corner. We have guys on this team that may become that tandem.
  7. Ready to Claim the South Crown

  8. Grimes, Owens, Franks, Weatherspoon, Robinson, and Decoud really stood out on defense. Ryan throws withalot of zip. Roddy is a beast look for his best year. Turner is ready to go. Norwood looks healthy. Weems looks go also. Meier looks good. Also like the Harvey kid, needs to work in his hands. Saw Jenkins beat Robinson twice. Owens and Grimes played tight coverage all day.