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  1. Second that, Schraeder was horrible.
  2. He is already one of the best tacklers and most physically LB on the team. Noticed that early in the preseason when he was the only one to meet the big Jags RB in the hole and not allow him to gain extra yards after contact. His forty time doesn’t always show up on film, but that could mostly be because of him still learning the defense.
  3. Not so sure Beasley is better than Fowler this year. Doesn't look like Beasley is progressing.
  4. Jones is a big factor, but Neal has been missed also. Neal and Kazee will be a force when Neal gets back. Neal helps in the run game more than we knew until he was out. I think both of those guys make this defense special. Seattle when they were the #1 defense they had the SS, FS, the MLB, and the shutdown corner. We have guys on this team that may become that tandem.
  5. True Kazee is still learning but can't put all the TDs on him. Teams have attacked both seams deep so he can only take one side. There is someone else suppose to carry the seam deep. The is the communication issues that still occur once Rico went out. The TD on Alford was more on Alford than Kazee. Alford looked like he played bad technique and almost fell down on the deep TD pass. I hope the Falcons learn offensively from the way Pittsburgh put the game away when we started getting momentum.
  6. If we can get the 2nd half defense minus the dumb mistakes we will be fine until Debo gets back. Young players will only get better with more reps. Also our schedule gets easier on paper at the end. Also Ito Smith looks like our best running back right now.
  7. Trufant is garbage has been for 2 years now. At least Alford made some plays against AJ a top 5 WR. Trufant allowed hundred yards to the 3rd WR.
  8. Senat showed this all preseason against the other teams 1s. I feel he needs more snaps especially on run downs. He still has to work on his get off and pass rush but looks like a good run stuffer option right now.
  9. Because Sark redzone play calls. The end of the game run the same play over and over. Also running again 9 man fronts at the goal line. Formations can keep a time out of goal line if you want to run the ball in. Julio can be out there even as just a decoy in goal line.
  10. Need to get bigger and stronger at Right Tackle, and Left Guard. Also want long quick defensive end. Big strong DT.
  11. Ortiz quit on the play and started missing with his helmet. Freeman gets in he continues blocking
  12. Peyton, Matt has played better than this. What do you think could be the reason he had tunnel vision to Julio last night. We have seen him do this from time to time.
  13. Matt looked sharp in training camp. Last year Matt was a little off with his accuracy and when he got his accuracy going the receivers started dropping balls. From what seen for the most part other than the Jags game we have been sharp with throws and catches. Also the running game seems to be better this time than last year. All of this with out two of our best players on offense. I expect us to have a better showing in Philly versus last year. I want to see what the pass rush looks like and the run defense with all the starters. The first weeks of the season are really hard because teams are developing their identities. This is the best time to beat them tho because they are missing a lot of pieces. With all that said I believe we get the win.
  14. Knapp will help Sark with making the on field adjustments. He will quickly be able to see the defense game plan on how they are playing us after the first series on offens which will help Sark determine how to call the game. It will be a cat and mouse game. Because the defense will adjust again and so will our Offense. His experience will be big for our offense.
  15. Hall will be a breakout player this year. Even Matt was talking about how improved he was this offseason.