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  1. Hey when you’re right you’re right... I guess when the going get tough, the mods delete articulate but unpopular viewpoints. PROTECT THE PRECIOUS!!!!!
  2. Hold on to your seats everybody...this is where Ryan shines!
  3. You’re a little late to the game...I also accept your apology
  5. Hasn’t he struggled health wise from the stress of the position? Not sure I’d want that...
  6. So you can’t tell that list is sorted by total wins? That’s what I’m dealing with?
  7. I know you’d like for me to, but I’m spot on. The QB we’ve seen for the last 7+ years has been a 46% QB. ...and your math is wrong on Wilson. Badly.
  8. 2013??? That’s ancient history. Fact is, the turning point in his career was the 2012 NFCCG collapse.
  9. Yes...exactly. If you win 70% of your games vs 46% plus 2 Super Bowls, then your failures are much more easily overlooked.
  10. The absense of this article on AFMB felt conspicuous. Bottom line is his best comparison historically is Ken Anderson - I agree... At some point during Monday’s loss to the Packers, as Matt Ryan and the banged-up Atlanta offense labored through yet another drive, a random thought about the Falcons’ quarterback crossed my mind: Is Matt Ryan a Hall of Famer? In the span of about a minute, my answer changed about five times. Hall of Fame debates are often complicated, but Ryan’s case is particularly knotty. Any answer from “of course” to “of course not” would seem reasonable. Ryan has
  11. We’ll, when you’re career winning percentage is 70% (not 57% including a 7+ year stretch of 46%)...not to mention hoisting the Lombardi twice (vs zero)... I mean...you guys are making this easy for me. Did someone say ‘great QB’s’ related to Ryan? No, he was/is very good. But trying to lump in Ryan with Manning in any way. I guess I have to be the ‘back to reality’ police.
  12. It’s observations like this which completely ignore the fact that the type of prolific passing numbers we see today are a rather recent development In NFL history. Rules changes that protect the QB from getting slaughtered have contributed to that along with the outlawing of the type of decapitating hits WR’s used to be exposed to particularly over the middle of the field. I mean do you think it’s an accident that when Matt Stafford passes Vinny Testaverde early next year that 11 of the top 15 QB’s in NFL in career passing yardage will have played the majority, if not all, of their c
  13. It’s a pretty ridiculous stat to spike the football on for the Protect The Precious crowd.
  14. My response here is the same as upthread to a similar response...which I expected.
  15. But... So you probably should have amended your statement to... What is the point in knocking a precious that is heading out in due time. PROTECT THE PRECIOUS!!!...but dump on DQ all you like...
  16. So, for me...the reason I'm really banging the drum on Ryan is that I don't care about any other version of the Falcons other that the 2021 version and beyond. I thought TD/DQ should have been fired last year. At the same time, I also thought (and still do) that any rebuild needs to be from scratch. What's happened thus far this year IMO hasn't been entirely unpredictable even though the means by which we are here is improbable. If the extension of time DQ/TD received has any benefit, I think making a call on Ryan NOT being part of the 2021 and beyond Falcons might be more feasible.
  17. How many QB’s...how many OC’s? com·mon de·nom·i·na·tor noun MATHEMATICS a shared multiple of the denominators of several fractions.
  18. Either way...it’s a no win proposition for you. If it was not successful, we know that defenses generally stack the box when the opponent is trying to run out the clock and Ryan couldn’t make the passing game click when the defense was focused on stopping the rushing attack. If the run game was successful, then it accentuates the horrid nature of Ryan’s performance. We could run the ball while the defense stacked the box, but couldn’t pass it? The bottomline is it doesn’t matter because Ryan was flat out Luke Falk like awful in these collapses. Next.
  19. See, I don't see Ryan taking much blame. Look at this board. Look at the responses to my threads. If this board is a representation of the most fervent portion of the Falcons fan base, they are firmly on the 'Ryan is a victim in this mess' side of the equation. Look at the Quinn threads, the Koetter threads, the Defense threads. You don't have staunch defenders of those parties like you do Ryan. Me - I'm in the minority of calling Ryan out. I shouldn't be.
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