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  1. At the same time...seems awfully uncommitted to Ryan (and Julio for that matter)...while recognizing Derrick Henry matters.
  2. The priority should be winning a championship, not seeing whether it can be done with Matt Ryan. He’s 0-13 in that category.
  3. Who over the last 8 years won the same amount of games as our dominant franchise.
  4. When the rules are selectively applied, not based on the action, but by the subject...then call it what it is. Not a Code of Conduct, but an exercise in implementing ‘groupthink’. I abide by the rules here. I got a 30 day suspension for bumping a thread. It was deleted and I made another thread commenting on that action. Where in the CoC does it state that not being permitted? Meanwhile, someone insinuates I was molested as a child...? Nothing? Have you ever met someone this happened to? Let me assure you, it’s not a joking matter. Yet the greater crime here was bumping a thr
  5. Enjoying the 1 game = 8 seasons intellect here. Whats really interesting is that there is another organization that’s gone 57-71 during the same time stretch. The Detroit Lions. ...and when their QB said, it’s time for a fresh start, the Lions said ‘you’re right’. Not ‘what can we do to change your mind...show you that we’re committed to putting the right people around you’. Yes...Stafford’s contract makes this an easier exercise. It you think Fontenot is going to look at Ryan’s contract as an impediment. The OP leverages Ryan in the best way possible for his remaining
  6. It kind of does...if we draft an elite one, the team will likely be much improved. This disassociation of the quality of QB play and the teams performance is really puzzling. I guess when you’re conditioned to celebrate a QB whose gone 57-71 for 8 seasons, you’ll settle for the drippings of the successful versus finding a genuine path to success.
  7. I’ve been here since December 31, 1969. How’s fractions class coming along?
  8. The year is 2025. Who do you think is the better QB? Herbert or Ryan? The chances are (significantly if not overwhelmingly) better that it’s Herbert. Those that defend Ryan do so based on his legacy, not on his potential. Matt Ryan has not been a benefit to Terry Fontenot.
  9. It’s no skin off my back if nothing changes...but if an Admin wants to whine about the fact they do this voluntarily...it sounds like it’s taxing them in some way. At the same time...if that Admin comes in and starts lecturing me on responsibility, you can bet I’ll come back strong at them.
  10. Not for anything, but why do we need content police outside of vulgarity/lewdness? Here’s a system...poster reports vulgarity. Admin removes vulgarity. If it happens again...admin bans vulgar poster. The fact the the Administration here wants to make things complicated is on them.
  11. This doesn’t seem like a difficult concept to grasp. And yet we’ve seen how blind folks can be in their loyalty to a franchise icon. Are the Chargers thinking QB after drafting Herbert? No - he balled. Are the Dolphins? Possibly...he didn’t ball. But it goes to show you just how vital the position is. There is not even a close #2 in terms of importance.
  12. I just checked the COC...with the exception of the NH comment (which I was warned for)...where was the violation? ...and we could likely go thru this thread and pick out some name calling if you’d like. Make sure you’re doing your job correctly.
  13. So being pompous is a greater crime here against the CoC than painting someone as having been sexually abused as a child? I don’t have any personal relationships here...and I’ve been here for two decades. Allows me to not care about any of the slights or ‘blasts’ as you’ve put it. I come here to joust. But if you think you’re a steward of some type of fairness doctrine related to what goes on here, I laugh at your double standards.
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