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  1. Personally, I would like to see the Falcons NOT sign Freeney. I remember the defenses of Mike Smith that pretty much assigned the task of getting to the QB to John Abraham. That is not this team. Yes, Beasley has become an impact player...but this is a young unit who'll need to embrace the idea of stepping up for an injured peer to ensure no drop-off. I think they will.
  2. It's how he's creating conflict and engaging debate - low hanging fruit. Obviously segment isn't about his QB tiers, as much as his 'stand apart from the crowd' opinion on Ryan.
  3. I'm not as surprised about Saubert...coming from an FCS school and being seen as a guy with blocking issues there - seeing him hold incessantly for a developmental prospect seems par for the course. And with TE being a position that even first rounders struggle with the transition, my expectations were tempered knowing Hooper/Toilolo/Perkins likely were going to fill out the gameday depth chart.
  4. That's going to kill g-dawg...him missing that one!
  5. Funny thing about this team and this is a fairly 'chalk' 53. We kind of knew who the core group was going to be...not a lot of positions open. With no practice squad eligibility, Simms really needed to show well to earn a spot, and he just didn't. It says enough about his standing with the team that the Falcons pretty much only let Schaub sniff the playing field, before pulling him. They know that they can still be solid with Schaub. But if we lose QB1/QB2, we're screwed. I think the biggest disappointment for me this TC has been Hill. I know it's been foreshadowed by the beat writers, but you can really tell the game is too fast for Hill right now (although he showed a bit better in Wk2). But Ward is clearly the better option.
  6. Whether he had a lot vs a little attempts wise, the point was Ryan threw for 200+ more yards and 6 more TD's with 85 fewer pass attempts. His production per pass attempt last year was insane. And this has nothing to do with stats, but in 2010 Aaron Rodgers came into the Dome and went 31-for-36 for 366. And I left the Dome that night KNOWING that Aaron Rodgers was a better QB than Matt Ryan. But last year going into the NFCCG, with everyone hanging off AR's Richard...going off about in his last 7 games, he's done this, I felt Ryan was at that level. I didn't feel like Ryan needed to have the game of his life for the Falcons to win...Ryan simply needed to be Ryan. ***EDITED: Originally stated 2012 as the year Rodgers came into the Dome and destroyed us***
  7. 2012 - 615 attempts 2016 - 534 attempts It wasn't just his topline production, but his efficiency and consistent ability to attack all areas of the field. 2012 was his best season prior to 2016...and IMO, the gap between those two Matt Ryan's was significant.
  8. Ryan's 2016 could not be compared to any other season he's had. It IMO still is an outlier based his career to date. But Rodgers/Brady? Those guys while you can point to one season and say that was their career year, I think you can point to others in their body of work that were comparable. As someone though who watched every game last year though and is invested in this team, what I saw in Ryan last year was akin to Neo seeing the Matrix for the first time. There is some debate over Ryan's statistical production metrics during his career; the 27/14 average TD:INT ratio. Tell me you wouldn't be a tad disappointed if he reverted back to those numbers? You know why? Because now we know what a truly elite level QB's like Brady/Rodgers/Manning produce at in today's NFL and 27:14 TD/INT ratios ain't it (By comparison Brady since 2014 = 97:18, Rodgers = 109:20. We saw that not via the stat sheet, but with our rooting interest and it looks and feels different. Certainly different than what we saw from Ryan prior to 2016.
  9. As the resident (albeit former) Ryan skeptic...a couple of points both in favor of what Cowherd said, and against. 1) All in all, I think the chances of 2016 being Ryan's 'career year' are actually quite high. In large part because it was so epic. I still feel that his season is ridiculously underrated in terms of great seasons in NFL history. So if Cowherd is saying that Ryan will never play at that level again, I wouldn't be surprised if he's right. 2) As someone who railed against Ryan's performance from 2013-2015, I can sympathize with a viewpoint that feels like Ryan's 2016 was an aberration because 2013-2015 were underwhelming...especially by 2016 standards and by comparison. However... 1) What's becoming increasingly clear in today's NFL that protects the QB (rules wise) at all that this position is not racking up the physical toll of eras past. So you see guys like Favre/Brady/Brees/Manning playing great football into their late 30's/early 40's. So to think that Ryan peaked from a level of play perspective already seems to be very myopic. 2) If Ryan's best attributes have always been his game acumen/smarts and his ability to distribute the ball to what weapons he has accordingly - he still has the same diverse and skilled set of weapons he had last season. Cowherd does mention how healthy the Falcons were on offense and that's a valid point - but injuries are random. Tough to make a foundational point on a random occurrence. 3) The loss of Shanahan continues to get overstated. Ryan was not some young QB looking for someone to show or develop just the right offense for him. Ryan and Shanahan had some early turbulence in their working relationship that they rectified through back and forth collaboration and communication. But Ryan was an equal (if not more than equal) partner here and one whose voice was used as much as his ears. To be frank, I believe Quinn has had a bigger impact on Ryan than Shanahan did. I'd always maintained that Ryan's weak areas were related to making the team accountable to him and being front and center from a leadership perspective. It was Quinn who challenged those attributes in Ryan's make-up and encouraged him to focus on that aspect of how he approached being the Falcons QB. Ryan's always been a student of the game and quite frankly, short of the veer, can make any offense 'work'. But until Quinn got here...I think Ryan was not one to be seize the title of being 'the man'. Quinn stoked that fire.
  10. I remember during Hard Knocks, which was Hageman's rookie year, a palpable tension that already existed between Cox/Hageman. Judging from this article, Hageman did not appear sorry to see Cox go. But the truth is most often times in the middle and it finally feels like that with some of his late season success (and the Falcons as a team)...Hageman started to ask and commit more of himself to being the best player possible. With that said, let's not forget that Hageman is in a contract year. Motivation comes in different forms but for a professional athlete - this one fact is one of the best.
  11. Did he forget his gloves st home?
  12. Ultimately, this was always a contract that was going to get done. It never was an acrimonious negotiation and while Freeman maybe got a little bit more than I anticipated (less than $1M/season more though)...this was pretty much in line with fair market value.
  13. After having thought about this, I'd be surprised if DQ put him on the active roster for any game this season - no matter how dire a situation we may face. 6 gameday inactives and whatever post-season games...IMO, I think it would be tough to talk about 'Brotherhood' and simply give the man a role on the 2017 Falcons given how he let the organization down. But Brotherhood also means being there for a brother in a time of need. The carrot I'd have for him would be to show up for work every day and compete for a roster spot in 2018 given that it would be his contract year...the Falcons have clearly committed to Trufant/Alford so Collins essentially has to take of his business the right way as a baseline to simply have an opportunity to have a career and earn the trust back of any organization that might be attracted to him in FA in 2019.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get back on the field for the least in 2017.
  15. What Ryan was able to do in 2016 was essentially put the HOF back on the table again for himself. But, while he doesn't require more seasons like 2016 where he was the best QB in the NFL, he can't slip back to that 6-10 range. And with the possible exception of 2012, that's largely where Ryan has resided in objective QB rankings, if he was that high (2015?).