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  1. I remember thinking last year he looked a little heavy in the midsection.
  2. He’d had that heart racing thing for most of his life - cropped up here and there. Began to happen more frequently so he had to get it taken care of. No issues since. That said, he’s not a professional athlete of course. But it’s not something he was much worried about even prior to the procedure. Don’t know about the blood thinners though. I’ll have to ask.
  3. My brother had this same exact procedure a couple of years ago. He’s in his 50’s. He was running within 2-3 days. What restriction he had was related to the groin incision, not his heart.
  4. You mean he’s averaged 25+ TD’s/season that last 3 seasons to players who are not his #1 WR? Terrible...
  5. I actually think the reason the NFL wants to wrap up this CBA now is because there is such a boatload of money out there for the taking...not just from above, but include Google (YouTube), Apple (Apple TV), Facebook. But they need labor peace now to get the highest value. And with Sunday Ticket contract expiring at the end of this year...IMO, that is the driving force behind that desire. Consider that 2 years ago, Demaurice Smith was guaranteeing a work stoppage and now they are negotiating two years prior to the end of this CBA? Yep...the revenue model of the NFL is about to explode.
  6. AT&T doesn’t have much leverage in this fight IMO. Content is king and the NFL owns the best live content potentially in the world. Whether you agree with that statement, it’s definitely up there. DirecTV started when streaming wasn’t even a concept. For the NFL to stay with DTV on perhaps one of its most valuable platforms - giving its fans the opportunity to see any game, it cuts itself off from a large percentage of the market. Many other platforms exist now that NFL can work with...
  7. At the same time, with the Bailey least as it relates to Falcons DL that can play along the interior; Jarrett Crawford Senat Bailey Davison Cominsky ...crowded.
  8. When all is said and done, Julio will register as one of the all-time greats at WR, if he hasn’t already. I think when you have that type of stature, it’s tough for the Falcons to have any stance in contract negotiations that suggests they are expecting a drop off in play from him considering he’s just turned 30. Larry Fitzgerald went for 109/1156/6 in his Age 34 season, which would happen for Julio in 2023, 5 seasons from now including the upcoming one. From my POV, I don’t think the Falcons have much of a leg to stand on with regard to de-positioning Julio’s long term value to the franchise.
  9. Is it unknown for him? $42.5M in guarantees the next 3 years...and either 1) FA at 29 2). Extension which likely accelerates that $16.5M into a lot of upfront money.
  10. But at that point, you’re likely extending him as he’d only be entering his Year 29 season. At least that’d be the hope...sacks aren’t his value. Havoc is.
  11. Ultimately, the defense needs to gel and come together to become greater than the sum of its parts. I feel there is just too much talent and solid personnel on that side of the ball for us to be anything less than a Top 5-10 unit. And we are.
  12. What was very smart was to front load the only creates an additional $3.5M this year, but who cares. Team is set...$3.5M allows for veteran addition flexibility like a Bruce Irvin if such an opportunity presents itself. By front loading, the salary’s in Years 2-4 aren’t so onerous.
  13. Have to admit, Falcons played this perfectly.
  14. Serious question: Is it in the Falcons best interest to wait until next off-season to sign him? Reasoning: Signing him in prior to the start of FA next off-season impacts 2020 cap favorably (vs 2019 which is largely spent and allotted accordingly). Worst case scenario, they franchise him again. Isn’t this how DeMarcus Lawrence situation played out?