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  1. Nope...see my post.
  2. 1 year deal means no comp pick...
  3. Once upon a time, TD traded a 2nd rounder for Tony Gonzalez. <sigh>...
  4. For whatever reason, Kinkaw’s stock seems to have faded a bit since the Combine (good for us potentially). Big day March 19...his Pro Day. ...but I’ll put this on repeat for the next 7 weeks or so. We can’t give lip service to the RB position. Anything short of a 2nd rounder is a draft failure
  5. Again...the whole concept of betting involves the trade-off of taking on risk to reap benefit...sometimes the risk pays off, sometimes it does not. That's why we call it betting.
  6. Soooo...what you're saying is it's stupid to make that bet on September 12th too? Since on 9/12, your 'if <QB for team> goes down with an bad injury <said team with injured QB> is screwed ' scenario is just as applicable as it was 6 months every team. ...and since you can't predict injury, say this happened October 12th...that would also impact the bet negatively. So how about you stop pretending the above reasoning makes any sense. The foundational concept of a wager is to bet on an unknown and undetermined outcome that can be affected by controlled and/or uncontrolled circumstances - it's the whole prinicple of the process.
  7. Then take it up with the guy that said that part of what you said would constitute a stupid bet...not me.
  8. If the statement was likely to happen, it wouldn’t be such a stupid bet, no? I don’t consider the Jets likely to make the playoffs in 2020 based off their 6-2 finish. I’d be prepared to enter into a friendly wager. If you think his statement is stupid...then take it up with him, not me.
  9. That applies to almost every team if they lose their starting QB...
  10. I’ve never seen a fan base place so much value on two such inconseqential results. The second half record of the teams the Falcons and Jets beat during their 6-2 stretches was the same; 18-30. Everyone wants to point to the Falcons beating NO and SF, but it also included wins over hapless CAR (twice) JAX and the INT machine that is Winston. That offense you’re thinking is established has an overpriced running game that didn’t produce a single run over 24 yards (Darnold...if you just look at just their RB’s, not over 19 yards). Their OL is amongst the worst in the NFL. When no one takes you seriously by the second half of the season, it’s easier to steal wins. When everyone is starting out 0-0, that’s different.
  11. Except they’ll use that singular data point to throw cold water on Ngakoue whose 2019 looked pretty much like Beasley’s? Why is Ngakoue a key FA but not Beasley?
  12. The Jets went 6-2 in the second half and won’t roster churn like the Falcons (with $56M in cap space). Do you feel as good about their momentum?
  13. Not to dump on the analytics guys...but if you’re going to drink your kool-aid, shouldn’t Beasley be circled as a key FA?
  14. Who is playing DT next to Grady? I’ll wait... Also, this notion that because the league isn’t RB driven and therefore isn’t worth looking at in the first two rounds is just draftnik group think at its worst. If Freeman is jettisoned, we have Ito Smith and assuming we place a tender on him, Brian Hill. What team has the fewest rushing attempts in the NFL the last two seasons? You guessed it...the RB position may not be as important as other positions when you look at the market. But that doesn’t make it unimportant. And we have the worst depth chart in the, from my POV, that could/should be on the table in R1 even but without a doubt R2. You said S...absolutely that’s an option. Neal can’t stay healthy and Allen has long been overvalued by this staff. Neal is signed thru 2020, Allen 2021 which is when he should be able to pick himself off the ground after that Kittle block. If we’re losing even makes sense to look there. While I like Oluokun, to the extent that you could bolster your depth there, or at least provide competition...that’s a viable option in R2. And if an OL is only as good as its weakest link, the combo of Carpenter/Brown is still being counted on to man the LG position. The only reason they’re not gone is because contract wise it doesn’t make sense to let them go. So yeah...Falcons have lots of directions they could go. They’re not backed into (sinewy)DE/CB.