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  1. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, but at the same time, the quality of your back-up matters. Brett Hundley? Terrible. Nick Foles? Pretty good. Matt Cassel? Not bad. Cassel put together decent work as a starter in KC after his NE stint. Not franchise centerpiece caliber, but also not incompetent.
  2. I find bit of fault with the above statement on Brady’s ‘expendability’... Everyone points to that 11-5 season the Pats had under Cassel when Brady tore his ACL Week 1. But the Pats had gone 66-14 the previous 5 seasons with Brady. That’s not an insignificant downgrade.
  3. To be fair, Brady has had to deal with multiple offensive coordinators (Weis, McDaniels, O’Brien, and Belichick himself). Also, I don’t think it’s just the QB skill that has mattered here. Brady the person has: 1) Taken less money to stay in NE and with Belichick. 2) From what I’ve read, still is ridden as hard, if not harder, than any other Patriot. Even at this stage of his career and life...he’s recognized the equation above. Not sure if there’d be many other QB’s/players who’d do that. Gronk looks ready to tap out before he’s 30. I think dealing with BB has at least a little to do with that.
  4. I’d say this...Belichick and Brady have had a 1+1=5 effect on each other. As great as each one is, I don’t think they reach those levels without each other. But Manning didn’t have poor/bad coaching.
  5. From a points allowed standpoint, Rodgers had similar deficiencies...working from 2018 to 2008 22 26 21 12 14 25 11 19 2 (won SB) 7 22
  6. up those numbers to 5 SB’s won 10 appeared in When you take his whole career into you guys still need to debate whether Brady > Peyton? It’s over. Brady won. As for Ryan, he’s positioned well to make the HOF at this juncture. But you’ll do worse comparing him to Brady than you/others did Peyton.
  7. The only stat up there was the 4th line item. And wasn’t Peyton Manning in the same era as Brady? I seem to recall a few H2H matchups. And again, calling a spade a spade...Manning received great coaching as well as evidenced by Tony Dungy’s HOF bust.
  8. If you then simply start out his career in 2007, he’s: Won 2 SB’s Appeared in 6 (counting 2019) Won 3 MVP’s A 370:93 TD/INT ratio ...I could keep going?
  9. Didn’t you say above that Rodgers might be the most overrated QB of his era? Ultimately, I don’t mind rationale backed up with fact. But if your going to state the above...think you need to back it up other than ‘I just think so’. Especially when the facts say otherwise. We haven’t even touched on Marino’s 1.7/1 TD:INT ratio v Rodgers’ 4.2/1. But I guess such facts don’t register much on the ‘I think’ scale.
  10. I don’t think our pass rush is all that deficient. We don’t have that ‘if you need a sack’ type of player. But collectively, I don’t think we can’t get to the QB like I thought 3-4 years ago when we sim0,y could pressure the QB. But stopping the run is an issue. For me, when we get our ***** handed to us is when teams methodically move down the field, keeping the ball away from our offense at the same time. If we’re going to let up a score, I’d much rather it be a 6 play 75 yard drive that takes up 3-4 mins than a 13 play 75 yard drive that takes up 8-9. If a team wants to go toe-to-toe with us on the former...I’m fine with that. We can play that game. The latter...? Not so much. In fact, look at the Saints. They finished with 519 pass attempts this season. Good for 23rd in the NFL. 471 rushing attempts though had them 5th. They’ve built their team to beat down the Falcons with long sustained drives.
  11. 1. I think he already is... 2. A yard is a yard is a matter the name on the back of the jersey. And the rankings show that Rodgers historically has had little support here. 3. It started when you/someone else claimed Marino had more support than Rodgers and that Rodgers might be the most overrated QB of his era. So we’re debating on that. I would opine that each has similarly had roster deficiencies, but that Rodgers can claim his were more severe. And he’s brought home 1 SB and 2 MVP’s. To Marino’s 1 MVP. To be fair, Marino does have 3 first-team All-Pro’s. 4. Again, if we’re talking about yearly rankings, however high the rushing numbers are doesn’t matter much relative to the ranking the Packers had against 31 other teams. 5. Tell the 2018 Atlanta Falcons how non-important a run game is. A run game is just as important today as it was in the 80’s. It’s simply deployed much differently and the commoditization of the position has devalued the investment teams make there. ...and I can’t take your ‘never mind the number of ProBowls facts, my opinion is that I’d rather have this group of less decorated players’ stance very seriously.
  12. Whether it’s James or Daryl Williams, I just want a RT replacement for Schraeder. On board. Not a big fan of trade downs in mocks, especially when you don’t attach a premium...couple of things. 1) I’m starting to worry that Ford won’t be there at #14, much less than #24. 2) Jacobs looks like he’s starting to gain consensus as the #1 RB in this draft. Chances he falls to #45 seems slim. 3) Everything I read about Ximenes feels like he’s a less athletic Beasley. I’d be excited for the Falcons to move away from that profile of player. I kind of feel that while Beasley has largely underperformed, the coaching staff has done him no favors. 4) I like the Wise pick...again though, I suspect you have him pegged a little too advantageously for the Falcons. If it broke this way though, I’m in.
  13. Exactly...look how Rodgers didn’t have that based on the Packers rushing rankings throughout his career. Your argument on the ‘1000 yard rusher claim’ is akin to ‘poor Drew Brees, he had no rushing attack this season’.