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  1. For as much as this market has exploded, its infrastructure is completely chicken wired together it feels like. Overall, it’s user experience has to very much kick it up a few notches. And don’t get me started on some of the DeFi platforms.
  2. 57-71...more than just a few bad games. Big Ben does what he does last night, you can’t type fast enough to blame him. I agree with you...he was awful. Ryan does something like that? KOETTER/SARK/MULARKEY!!!!! COACHING!!!! ANYONE BUT RYAN!!!! He’s the epicenter of a failing franchise whose fanbase is so thankful for his goodness they’re willing to accept line #1 of my post. Pathetic.
  3. So you blame Big Ben for the loss? But what about the 30 losses for the last 3 years here? If Ryan played like Big Ben, the narrative here would be the 500 yards and 4 TD’s. Fact is, yes - BB was bad last night. He was the primary culprit for the Steelers. Not just because of the INT’s, but that team wasn’t ready to play and he’s a part of that equation because someone in his position has to take accountability for that team not showing up. But for you, you want to absolve Ryan of any type of primary responsibility and culpability for the Falcons 57-71 record these last 8 yea
  4. He lost them a game...Brady lost games this year for the Bucs. You think this was a point you made? Good lord the delusion.
  5. 57-71 18-30 twice during that stretch. Sorry the simple facts destroy your ‘depth of target’ justifications for substandard results.
  6. Imagine paying 4x at the QB position for 2.4 more winning percentage points...oh wait, you don’t have to since it’s reality.
  7. Boy, you really had to dig deep to build such a flimsy case. Ryan = Senyor 18-30 Squared ...and if you think Ryan wasn’t actively losing games for the Falcons the last three years, well...what color is the sky in your world.
  8. PIT gave up fewer yards last year than this year. The difference between last years PIT team that went 8-8 and the one that went 12-4 is they got BB back. The 4 win differential was equal to Ryan’s 16 game output. The only stat that Ryan exceeds Brees in was YPG which was a function of the amount of attempts Ryan had. Otherwise, in a decline year for Brees, YPA/Comp %/TD production/turnover ratio...he was superior. But keep livin’ the dream over there.
  9. 🤣 Matt Ryan isn’t the reason we’re winning games either. Because we’re only winning 37.5% of them over the last 3 years. Brees and Big Ben weren’t their best selves this year, but they were still better than Ryan.
  10. Crazy how I first posted/created this thread 10 days ago, yet BTC has increased $15K during that time. It’s about to hit $42K. 🤯
  11. How dare you try and pop the fantasy bubble these precious minds seclude themselves in...
  12. I guess when the real world weighs in, it’s surprising to a certain...contingent on this board. For others, like myself...not so much.
  13. I think it has a lot to do with elevating the one of the worst players we have starting on defense to a leadership role.
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