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  1. I’d disagree with you on Reid...the SB win likely cemented his place in the HOF, but he’s been ultra-successful; 209-128-1.
  2. I don’t know if I’d agree...It feels like Quinn has turned out to be a one-trick pony. Good on the sloganeering, but as a ‘brilliant’ defensive mind, it helps to be coaching multiple Hall of Famers to boost your resume. Not sure he’s a good HC. Shanahan and McVay have had success doing both. If I’m not mistaken, Andy Reid calls the plays in KC. I think it’s about the quality of the candidate, but sometimes it’s tough to know if they can handle the load If they elevate to being an HC for the first time. In some cases it’s too much, but in others it’s part of their unique value proposi
  3. I don’t think I am...going 0-1 in Super Bowls is different than 2-3. I mean Jimmy Garoppolo is 0-1 in Super Bowls. As for ‘shoulda been 2’...shoulda, coulda, woulda. Theres always this defense of Ryan whose premise is ‘how can you lay this on him, he’s done enough’...but in each high profile instance, there’s more that he could have done, but he didn’t. Part of what gets you to .1% is doing it; completing the quest. Dan Marino’s legacy great as it is...would be completely different with a title. And yes...if you get to .1%, there are certain perks in regard to your legacy
  4. Elway in his prime took 3 teams to the Super Bowl that had no business sniffing them in a 4 year period. The Super Bowl wins at the end punctuated an already great career and validated Elway’s standing as an all-time great. Fact is, Elway had two losing seasons in his career, one of which was his rookie year. Peyton as well... Ryan? 4 of the last 7...with a good start towards 5 of 8. What exactly are we holding onto?
  5. I think Ryan becomes a bit of an albatross in finding the right GM/HC. I think it’s fair to say some candidates would want a clean slate at the position . More than that, I think this franchise needs a clean slate. Adam Schefter just askedon Monday Night Countdown...what are the Falcons known for? 28-3. Whether it’s fair or not, that will be not only on the Falcons resume, but Ryan’s. I think it’s time we put distance between that and the future. Keeping Ryan hinders that.
  6. The analogy I would use is wealth. it’s one thing to be in the 1%...it’s another to be in the .1%. The balance sheet on those don’t look the same. Ryan is a 1%er. Elway/Manning are .1%ers (minimum)
  7. Quinn did these things...the defense in the SB season, the second half of it...was phenomenal. People are just assuming the next HC is the answer or will have answers on how to fix the Falcons without a clue as to who that is. We could hire Adam Gase for all we know. The ‘we’d be so good if only’ refrain is the classic loser quote. Everyone pointed to the wins against SF/NO as reason for optimism turning a blind eye to the fact that the other four during the Falcons ‘resurgence’ were against garbage teams. It’s not just about the coaching...
  8. Three years in, you would have been hard-pressed to find someone in these parts that didn’t think DQ was just that. What makes the next guy that?
  9. 201 yards and 2 TD’s in the 4th quarter against SEA. Yeah bruh...garbage time. ...and it’s not surprising that most are missing the point of post, but this is looking at 2021 and beyond. It’s not to assign ‘blame/fault’...it’s an acknowledgement that the Falcons need to start over. Really over. That includes Ryan.
  10. ...and you with a straight face are projecting stats significantly compiled in garbage time as reason why he should be absolved of culpability? A common theme with the Falcons That even dates back to the Mike Smith era is an inability to put opponents away. Ryan has no hand/role in that identity? It’s not all him...but it’s got to be some him at the very least. I mean he’s been paid close to $200M by the Falcons since 2013, shouldn’t he bear some responsibility for their performance?
  11. ...and? There weren’t plays that could have been made, a critical 3rd down conversion to keep a clock killing drive alive? A bad turnover avoided? A wide open TE missed in the end zone? Everyone around here wants to point a finger at the lesser cast members of the Falcons. It’s become part of the culture here, how everyone is letting down Ryan. That seems to be a rancid culture from my POV.
  12. I also think there are guys who have been great, that might not be that any longer (Brees/Brady)...but they have lived greatness. They understand greatness. They’ve executed greatness. I think the comeback to this observation is Ryan was great in 2016...and no doubt he was. The the greatness I’m referring to is intrinsic, executed over a significant period of time. I can’t say that Ryan has ever been that.
  13. To going 53-61 since 2013. No one is going to argue that there is a lot wrong with the Falcons. And Ryan might be the best thing about them at the moment...but what good is being the best thing about a team that’s gone 4-9 the last two seasons and now at 0-2 is staring another lost season in the face? So why would we saddle the next ‘braintrust’ with a QB centerpiece where the expectation is ‘tweak here and tweak there’ and instant contender. If all these things are wrong with the Falcons, new coaches wave their magic wand and we’re back in the playoffs? Ryan’s presence as perha
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