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  1. Skid implies you were moving and then something happened. I would describe the Falcons last week as more of a stall. Kinda like when you're driving a stick and take your foot off the clutch before giving any gas.
  2. I know most people hate on ESPN now, but when the Jags picked Williams ESPN had highlights of his games almost right away....
  3. Even if this was just a click bait thread... As someone who went to Murray State, I would have loved this.
  4. Living in Central Florida, I love it. We get every Dolphins and Jags preseason game on TV, so this year I can watch 3 Falcons preseason games without having to hunt them down on the web. The bad part is, it's always the Florida teams announcers.....
  5. With the postponement of Bucs/Dolphins I get to watch the Falcons. Awesome... but wait, I prolly won't have power by then and even if I did, they will prolly have weather cut-ins every 5 min (East Central FL!) Was going to get to use Sunday ticket on my laptop, but that's gonna be local blackout now. See even when I try to do the right thing I end up having to go with the "less than legal" way. Oh well, bigger problems on the way, but it would have been nice to lose myself in a football game for a few hours.
  6. I think I would rather have Jags cast-offs over Raiders cast-offs.... If only by a little bit
  7. If 20 is Lowery, then who is 24?
  8. Not sure about wanting a Spurrier QB, they don't have the best track record in the NFL..... just saying...
  9. Its all free for me. But i'm a brighthouse employee so its a perk. About time they got this deal done. I've been begging for it for years. Have to say the Redzone channel is awesome. Nothing but football for 7 straight hours. Worst thing about it was trying to decide when to have a bathroom break. I never realized how useful commericals were.
  10. I agree. I'll admit, at one point I was kinda hung up on post counts, but that was like 4-5 MB versions ago. When my post count continually reset with every board update I gave up.
  11. You do realize posting the web address on an official NFL website will only speed up the rate the site gets shutdown? There's a reason why people are asking for PM's.
  12. I've been on the Moore bandwagon since we drafted him. Had to get a custom jersey made because they don't make his. Was really happy he hasn't been as injured this season, the guy is a playmaker.
  13. If you haven't noticed, Falcons defense seems to have a better chance at stopping 3rd and 10 or less, then 3rd and 11+. Would have to guess Smith was just playing the odds
  14. I was looking for him at the beginning of the game. He wasn't on the field. Looked like he was on the sideline. Think he started playing on defense in the second half. Check it out, a second half adjustment
  15. Let's play a soft zone and make him look like a million bucks. 4th and 16 and they get a first down??!!
  16. Dropping back into zone coverage. Cause that's what you do with a great pass rusher. No one would ever expect it.
  17. From the second article posted: If that's not homer reporting, then I don't know what is.
  18. Don't think having Direct TV would help this week. Lousy Bucs fans, can't even sell out a division game.
  19. This Season. Just wait till Grimes get the big contract.
  20. I"ll agree Ryan may be a little gun shy, but... How's Vick doing now? With weapons and a quality playcaller? 1) Peerless Price was a #2 brought in to be a #1, Jones is already light years ahead of Price 2) oline- I got nothing 3) What's Knapp up to now? Changing a coordinator is all well and good, but is does matter who you change to
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