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  1. Skid implies you were moving and then something happened. I would describe the Falcons last week as more of a stall. Kinda like when you're driving a stick and take your foot off the clutch before giving any gas.
  2. I know most people hate on ESPN now, but when the Jags picked Williams ESPN had highlights of his games almost right away....
  3. Even if this was just a click bait thread... As someone who went to Murray State, I would have loved this.
  4. Living in Central Florida, I love it. We get every Dolphins and Jags preseason game on TV, so this year I can watch 3 Falcons preseason games without having to hunt them down on the web. The bad part is, it's always the Florida teams announcers.....
  5. With the postponement of Bucs/Dolphins I get to watch the Falcons. Awesome... but wait, I prolly won't have power by then and even if I did, they will prolly have weather cut-ins every 5 min (East Central FL!) Was going to get to use Sunday ticket on my laptop, but that's gonna be local blackout now. See even when I try to do the right thing I end up having to go with the "less than legal" way. Oh well, bigger problems on the way, but it would have been nice to lose myself in a football game for a few hours.
  6. I think I would rather have Jags cast-offs over Raiders cast-offs.... If only by a little bit
  7. If 20 is Lowery, then who is 24?
  8. Not sure about wanting a Spurrier QB, they don't have the best track record in the NFL..... just saying...
  9. Its all free for me. But i'm a brighthouse employee so its a perk. About time they got this deal done. I've been begging for it for years. Have to say the Redzone channel is awesome. Nothing but football for 7 straight hours. Worst thing about it was trying to decide when to have a bathroom break. I never realized how useful commericals were.
  10. I agree. I'll admit, at one point I was kinda hung up on post counts, but that was like 4-5 MB versions ago. When my post count continually reset with every board update I gave up.
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