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  1. Silly reason for that grade, grade on talent acquired or lack there of.
  2. Remember, it's tv, he is prolly reading a teleprompter...
  3. I think guys suffered in the D line rotation. Not too mention that if you got a guy starting at DE, I don't think he should be in on the kick off coverage team. Actually, I have never favored starters being in on special teams.
  4. I guess this is a joke. I am pretty sure they will know it's over by the start of training camp.
  5. In my experience, you get beat twice in da regular season, you get owned in da playoffs!
  6. Bull! His replacement only missed one throw that would have given them the first down they needed to set up the game winning score. And that was dropped so it was not his fault.
  7. Dude?! We play better at home, so getting a home playoff game is rather important!
  8. I saw one play where Beirman was exasperated cause they were pulling him after he had a stop. The rotation is probably not allowing anyone to get a rhythm going.
  9. Simple lesson he better learn early, family will screw you worse than a stranger.
  10. lol no one ever said he wasn't fast! great hustle on that play. Led to a great set of downs on the 1!
  11. Then the coaches need either to coach him up, so he can recognize when going to his spot is the wrong move, or not send him so deep on critical downs.
  12. I appreciate your research. I like how the T2 made running qbs look like mince meat. I do not like how our hybrid T2, or whatever it is, on 3rd and 11 drops the MLB to a zone 15 yards from the LOS. Sounds like a 1st down every time.
  13. Thats what I mean. I did not think he gave up to many.
  14. How many were allowed by Grimes? He plays the left side, I believe at least one of those catches came on the other side.
  15. Looked like a safety starin down the gun barrel to me, but then that vid only shows the tv angles.
  16. I use a TD call 2 years ago as an example to poor officiating. Roddy attempts to catch a ball 5yds deep in the endzone, bobbles it and lands face down with the ball at his shoulder, out of his control. he then regains control as he sits up. The ref who is facing the play, and had a clear view of the ball, calls a TD and the other team challenges so play is then reviewed. A minute and a half later the call is reversed. 'The ref could have saved that time and just said incomplete, but we would not have seen the head ref and the commercial.
  17. Whats that black stuff on Blalock's face?
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