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  1. This season may have cured our depth issues for next season
  2. Without reading all of the other responses I would say no one. The other ten guys already are used to not having the help, if he isn't there then maybe he cannot be blocked into someone in position to make a play.
  3. The team as a whole, looked good, A missed field goal, poor play from decoud and nicholas, and a fumble during a punt return allowing short field killed us.
  4. well I am not gonna call him JTugg!
  5. Baker has played at guard, once! It was also RG, and it was horrible.
  6. There is no such thing as reverse sexism, sexism is sexism...same thing about racism.
  7. Conspiracy theory ... why would the NFL want the non-rating getting Falcons in the Superbowl? 15 million less people watched this years NFCCG than last years. How many people live in and around NYC, are fans of teh Giants, and are mad enough not to watch the two teams, one of which beat them in the reg season and the other lost to them in the NFCCG last year? fixed...
  8. Never too late to work on fundamentals. Most games are mental anyway.
  9. Like the others said, it is Matt's fault. That wasn't his blind side. He just never looked over there.Your blind side is the side you don't favor. i.e. right handed = left side is your blind side.
  10. They should never have built a 71000 seat stadium in Atlanta. The old Fulton couunty statium held about 60000 and rarely was at capacity. Only build bigger if there is a need.
  11. Yea cause living in GA means extra coverage . You should say most of us don't live in Atlanta.
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