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  1. Just sums up all that is wrong with BP. How could getting the job at Ark, be that different from the one in ATL? He wont have as many grown men to deal with, true, but the SEC is the toughest conference in the NCAA. he wont win often down there.
  2. I would tell him he is a lying, twofaced, noclass, no account, weasely, C**K S**KER!
  3. Good move by Atlanta to promote a guy who has been there a long while.
  4. maybe it was moved, or maybe deleted for wrong forum, who knows.
  5. I agree, and Norwood needs more plays, they should have played Snelling in short yardage all year also!
  6. Houston has promise and dhall wont tackle properly. Abe is a beast. Brook is done. why cant we include Norwood more? it makes no sense. Redman needs help fom the line. Why did we draft Jenkins again? Hey Jenkins, catch with yer hands, look the ball into your hands, get soft late hands. Hire Terrence Mathis to tutor you.
  7. Korny is a tool. the doubleheader at the start of the season with the 3 Mikes was the best Monday night I have seen in a long time. ESPN could put 3 microphones up there and have dead air and still be better than what they put on now!
  8. As I said in another of your posts, **** froze over once, something needs to happen to warm it back up. When they manage to do it, we true fans will know that we were here through thick and thin, and truly appreciate finally getting there.
  9. Somebody once said the Falcons would never go to the Superbowl, also. I don't think **** has thawed out yet.
  10. Clobberin' Clabo! Looked real good last year, and continues to play well. Hope he earns a spot on the roster next year. Tho he only started 2 games at guard last year I think.
  11. I aint to worried about how he is describing the Falcons, I just hate the inaccuraciies that are prevelant in reporting nowadays.
  12. "Yeah, getting a new coach will really be good for this team. The difference between this year and last? 1. Half our offensive line is now starting 2nd and 3rd string players. 2. We no longer have Vick freezing up 2 or so guys on defenses and forcing them avoid commit to all crashing inside. 3. We have a weak back-up journyman in Joey, a fragile turnover machine in Leftwich, and some guy that has been out of the league most of his career in Redman. 4. Half our team is ripped apart with injuries, mainly on the D/O line. 5. Did I mention we are missing both our DTs? "Why is this so hard to com
  13. Last year, Clabo did a fine job in place of Lehr, and then Forney. The coaching staff made a mistake in sitting him for Alexander later. Forney should not have been playing with a bum shoulder and that is that. Benching him this year for someone who does a better job in pass protection is a great idea, should have been done already.
  14. I admit it. I said give him a chance. I never expected him to bomb this bad. We did not have much choice in the matter, all things considered. Leftwich has done as I expected also, being more of a threat over the top, yet not able to move his feet to avoid another ankle injury. As long as we draft the WaterBoy next year with our first pick everything will be a okay.
  15. Yea, let's fire every coach we get over the next few years so we can be rebuilding indefinatly. Show some patience, this team lost it's identity when it lost it's QB. we are still lost as a team, and Coach P is looking to next year already. You should, too.
  16. The 40 yard dash is overrated, what's your 40? Quickness is not flatline speed, what're his shuttle times?
  17. gonna miss the big guy, i voted all you can eat. the way our luck has been, lewis is gonna be hurt in practice and we will have to hire someone ekse.
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