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  1. IK - Geno, you suck. Geno - Yo momma! Ik - Smack...
  2. I dont like to see anyone injured playing football. I loled when i heard this.
  3. I don't give a crap about polls, ore the "expert opinions". I am excited to see what the Falcons are gonna look like this season, more so than the last one. I expected more form the Mike Nolan than we got. Granted, some of that was injury related, but come on, whatever happened to adapt or die?
  4. Ever been told to "Rise Down" ? I have, smh.
  5. I like this a lot better than the kick off change. Big legged kickers make the kick off boring, now they should remove the touch back, make kick offs stay in the field of play...
  6. I love the fact that they seem to be trying to build depth for a change!
  7. With, as you say, Cleveland drooling for Cooper in your scenario, wouldn't it be wise to list trade options with them? Swap 1s and their 2 and 3rd(from Buffalo), Or both of their 1's for our #8? Also, could go our 1 for their 1 from buffalo, both 3's and a 5.
  8. Dang, we could spend 10 mil and still have nearly 24 to get other players. I do not remember a time when ATL had such a cushion.
  9. Welcome to the Atlanta Falcons Coach Quinn. I look forward to many good seasons from our team with you as our coach! p.s. Stuff the Saints! Punish the Panthers! and Bash the Buccaneer!
  10. Very Few HCs won championships with different QBs. Very few QBs won championships with different HCs Just sayin...
  11. Warrick Dunn Warrick Dunn comes to mind...
  12. I just want someone to come in and fix the offense... Oh wait, that was not our problem! DEFENSE, I meant defense. Ryan, Quinn, Bowles, or Austin. Either keep Koetter or bring in a really good OC, maybe Gase or McDaniels to run the offense.
  13. I gotta to admit, de birds put together a full game. I was surprised and pleased.
  14. A: We are not Seattle. B: We do not stop the run. C: We get little to no pressure on the Quarterback. D: Our Wide Receivers seem to have the dropsies this season. E: We do not run the ball effectively. F: Our Linebackers over pursue. G: While we have gotten some interceptions and passes defensed lately, our secondary is out of position a lot and gives up too many big pass completions. H: And, most importantly, we have almost no pass rush, so where is the pressure on Stanton gonna come from?
  15. If we win one of the next 3 games, I will be surprised! 2 and I would be amazed! 3, well one can dream.
  16. my opinion on the first half final minute, better to try and fail than to not try at all. play to win, not play not too lose!
  17. It lookls like the jugs machine may have some cobwebs on it this season
  18. Inexperience from youth shows on D, 4 second year starters at the beginning of the season.
  19. Nolan is enamored with his "Big Nickel" which is great if teams would go ahead and not run the ball against us, or we had a pass rush worth a ****.
  20. Come on people, do we really have the linebackers to pull off a 3-4?
  21. Holmes understood immediately that he needs to, and can, do better, I am not sure Beirman can do better.
  22. Blows, Savannah fan here as well, I hate these regional setups.
  23. Chemistry, him and Matt seemed to have found it instantly. Maybe his other Qbs never tried to find it with him.
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