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  1. Very simple. Did yall see the nearly 3 minute, 99-yard touchdown drive against the 5th best D in the league? Ain't scared!
  2. OMG! Yes! Babs was beastin today!
  3. This is the best Falcons team I have ever seen and I have been watchin a looooong time!
  4. Ugh! I have to be at work by 6 so travel time during the game sucks!
  5. Hey gang, I have been lurking here since 99 or 2000, not sure which. I have been witness to such epicness, both win nd fail. I rarely post but I do cast the occasional like out there!
  6. OMG, how can a 6th round pick be a bust, not that he is saying Swietzer is a bust. Of course these guys jobs is to make us read their drivel.
  7. We only have 1 divisional loss (to the Bucs), just saying.
  8. Hey gang, get off Tifos back, I love the Falcons, but I have not bet money on em since 98.
  9. Well of course, The falcons are vilified and ridiculed while the saints and or panthers are praised as the best.
  10. The cynic in me believes this. NFL to Blank, "Arthur, We need some late season excitement so we want your team to lose to keep the NFCS close. Don't worry, the other teams are on board."
  11. I think they got this backwards. LOS cannot be dominated from the periphery.
  12. Does anyone member the Sherman meltdown. Our offense caused that. And we still lost. Has anyone else managed to score like that on them in one quarter though? I am not scared of anyone but at the same time, I am scared of all of em! lol anything can happen, But, honestly, The division games are a crapshoot, KC is tough LA has one hekuva defense and the Cards are on some weird rollercoaster going down. 5-2 my call
  13. Remember when the Vikes set the record and we went to their house and beat them for the NFCCG?
  14. Success breeds confidence. The last several years included many drives stalling because WRs not catching contested balls or dropping easy ones. I don't expect a WR to Catch every contested ball, but I do expect them to catch the easy ones. This season I haven't seen as many drops as with other seasons, nor missing the catchable ones. This group of receivers is the best I have seen in ATL in a very long time. And, for the last three seasons, MR has produced (yards wise) despite poor OL play out of the patchwork lines he has had.
  15. Panties, regretting letting Josh Norman leave. Josh Norman, sipping tea.
  16. Calvin Johnson...QB's Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky, Daunte Culpepper, Matt Stafford, and Drew Stanton.
  17. I hear this a lot, "Same ol' Falcons." I don't feel that way this year. Last year's start was full of inept moments with some luck thrown in. The defense is looking better, though still suspect at times. The youth on D is obvious.
  18. Yea, they went into the three deep shell that allows the underneath. It blows, IMO.
  19. I have always and will always hate the prevent defense!
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