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  1. My memories of this game were, yes the Broncos were the better team, and the Dirty Birds got away from what got them there. I recall they did not try to establish the run which carried them to the playoffs in the first place. After winning the NFCCG by throwing the ball ,they decided to try the same in the Superbowl. It. Did. Not. Work. Was there distraction? Yes. Were they out matched? Yes.

    Did they play football a complete game? No.

  2. 4 minutes ago, MoFalconsFan56 said:

    Man. We HANDLED Arizona and Seattle this year (some could say TWICE) I fully EXPECT us to handle this overrated *** defense. They've played NO ONE NEAR our offensive talent!! Stand tall boys!!!!

    Not sure whether you are agreeing with me or just making your own statement. A question was asked, to which I replied a negative.

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