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  1. My 2 cents, and I don't pipe up often, they did not come out flat after the half like so many times in previous seasons. I want to see more of that!
  2. I must say that, for the first time in a long time, I am pleased with this draft. BPA while addressing needs with quality players. I did not feel like TF reached for any player or picked the oft injured project player as we have in the past.
  3. This means we can fly under the radar! I like it.
  4. My memories of this game were, yes the Broncos were the better team, and the Dirty Birds got away from what got them there. I recall they did not try to establish the run which carried them to the playoffs in the first place. After winning the NFCCG by throwing the ball ,they decided to try the same in the Superbowl. It. Did. Not. Work. Was there distraction? Yes. Were they out matched? Yes. Did they play football a complete game? No.
  5. Poole should be an indictment on that style of play. I have not seen too much positive from him this season. That appears to be a coaching problem.
  6. Brian Poole and his poor play getting multiple penalties in drive defining situations Then, taking Alford out of the play while whiffing a tackle on Brees!
  7. I am with you on this. I figured ATL would split with the Aints and will prolly beat the Panties.
  8. All I can say is it is about **** time they utilized Poe in short yardage
  9. And if we play his teams in the future, destroy them utterly!
  10. They can say what they want, the turning point for that game was the holding call on that long punt return!
  11. Mr. McGinnest may be correct, though I do not believe so, the Texans averaged 17 ppg, while the Steelers averaged 24 ppg. The Patriots have a respectable D but they have not faced anything like the Falcons yet.
  12. Not sure whether you are agreeing with me or just making your own statement. A question was asked, to which I replied a negative.
  13. I bet PFF will give Rodgers a better grade than Ryan. You know, cause he's ARod!
  14. 34 years Bartkowski, Johnson, Case, and Riggs to mention a few of the guys I was watching early in my fandom!
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