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  1. My memories of this game were, yes the Broncos were the better team, and the Dirty Birds got away from what got them there. I recall they did not try to establish the run which carried them to the playoffs in the first place. After winning the NFCCG by throwing the ball ,they decided to try the same in the Superbowl. It. Did. Not. Work. Was there distraction? Yes. Were they out matched? Yes. Did they play football a complete game? No.
  2. i got him with the 15th pick in my draft! Sweet! I gambled past him the first time @ 6 for David Johnson
  3. While I would love to take you up on this, I cannot make it up there and back in time for work. 12 hour day for me the day after. Thanks for the offer.
  4. Don't really miss the gnats, but did we have to name the new team the Bananas?
  5. It was not crammed until after practice and everyone trying to get autographs. Still, a few hundred people.
  6. Yep, Was gonna go to day 7, but thte damp wake up changed my mind
  7. My first trip to a training camp and I must say it was nice. A nice day for camp, relatively cool. Good to see them scrimmaging. Not too many details as I didn't know where to focus my attention, I did see Beasley in position to sack Ryan on one drill via a stunt and Raheem Morris cannot throw a fade to save his rear, lol. The new guys look fast. Other than that, I had fun, got a new hat and I am ready for the season to start! I woke up to a tent leaking this morning so I packed up and went back to Savanah(8/4)
  8. His legs are feeling better, more cardio, less weight lifting!
  9. I agree, I am nowhere near as into the draft as I used to be before the current format.
  10. I was beginning to think Quinn had lost this team, but after these last two weeks, I don't think so anymore!
  11. Yeah, and our 6 game losing streak was supposed to be the "Easy" part of this year's schedule!
  12. As follows, the most important STer is the long snapper. Also the least mentioned, even if the kicker is struggling.
  13. Wins are never meaningless, pride has alot to do with why they play. If it were truly meaningless, no game needs to be played. and while I have little hope of making the playoffs this season, that win kept the possibility alive for one more week.
  14. Nothing potential about it, the Falconsdon't blow those games and ATL in in the playoffs. Draft position means nothing if you do not draft quality. (ie;Atlanta's 2012 Draft)
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