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  1. For you network guys, need your help. Guy has a Linksys router connected to a port on switch. There is a DHCP Server that is connected to the firewall between the server and the switch. So the firewall is connected to a port on the switch, and the server is connected to a port on the firewall. The Linksys is trying to get an ip address for VLAN 1. VLAN 1 IP Address on switch: VLAN 1 IP Helper Address: DHCP Server IP Address: If you do a wireshark trace, this is what the ethernet and internet headers look like on a packet: DHCP Discover - Coming from the Li
  2. http://en.wikipedia....i/Osi_Umenyiora seems his Wiki page as already been updated! Saying we signed him guess we will find out soon
  3. Dov Kleiman ‏@NFL_RealUpdates 12m Former #Giants DE Osi Umenyiora will take a physical with the #Falcons, a signing might follow.
  4. I would like us to sign Isaac Sopoaga he's 31 but I think he can be a good NT for us and we can still draft a NT that way we not relying on a rookie to anchor the Front for us
  5. I think it was 2010 might have been 2009 but we played the 49ers in Week 4 and they were undefeated. Their Defense was playing great and everyone thought we had no chance against this "physical" 49ers defense. Well Roddy had a 90 yard touchdown pass from Ryan, some guy in the 49ers secondry decides to start high stepping 60 yards from the endzone letting White force a fumble and we destory the 49ers in their building. And that was with no Julio and no Quizz and MM calling plays. My key to the game? block Aldon Smith and that Front 7. I don't think their corners can match up with us on the outs
  6. it **** sure was but today i cant even describe how i felt when we won it
  7. When Bryant made the FG that moment to me was better than when Anderson kicked the FG in 98 to send us to the Super Bowl. Why? Not just because of our past playoff failures, but because all of my Atlanta teams seem to always let me down. We blow a 20 point 4th quarter lead. When Seatte went up 28-27 it left a feeling inside of me I've never felt in my life. And to see Ryan lead us into FG range and Bryant kick the game winning FG that made it the best moment in my Falcons fanhood. For once my team did not let me down.
  8. My thing is all week we heard we had to stop Lynch. Well we did he got like 49 yards on 16 carries. We stopped the run and forced them to pass. We didn't think Wilson would be able to beat us through the air. But he almost did. I think they didn't "attack" because they were afraid Wilson would take off and run. Next week they need to just go all out. Stop the run and go after Koepernick or however you spell his name
  9. yea i know it's the picture that's funny to me i had to share it
  10. Atlanta has swept two divisons, beat three Super Bowl QBs in Brees, Peyton, and Eli and will lose to a rookie named after some sporting goods?
  11. Warren Sapp you said the Chiefs Week 1 would beat the Falcons 41-0. Lie detector test determined....that was a lie Rodney Harrison you said the Giants were the favorites in the NFC after beating the Saints 52-24. Nobody fears the Falcons and the Giants will beat them. Lie detector determined......that was a lie Heath Evans you said the Saints own the Falcons and they would dominate us in the dome. The defense was starting to click and Brees is Brees. Saints will beat the Falcons in the dome. Lie detector determined.....that was a lie NFL AM you said the Bucs were the hottest team in the NFC ha
  12. easier said than done but i'd always have a guy spy RG3 or whoever the quarterback is. Let the other guys worry about the running back and let that one guy worry about the quarterback. if he takes off and run go get get him. have him play the middle of the field that way he can spy RG3 and tell my corners to win inside or the guy spying RG3 can held defend the slant over the middle they love to run off the play action
  13. Not saying we lost today on purpose but we don't lose back to back games under Mike Smith.
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