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  1. His record speaks for itself. We can agree to disagree. It's ok, really.
  2. Disagree. Fox is solid. Best ever? Not by a long shot, but solid. It's a good hire for Chicago. Now they just need to figure out what to do with Cutler.
  3. Yeah, the man lost 2 Super Bowls, 1 more than the Falcons have ever been to. He must really suck.
  4. Disagree. Fox is a good coach that can help da Bears immediately. What sucks for da Bears is Cutler and his contract.
  5. I'm all in for Quinn. I was a Rex man. Now I'm a Quinn fan. Looks like he's worth waiting for and if he does land the job, I'm cooking my friend Gritz a special BBQ dinner for calling it months ago.
  6. My thread is simply a question: "Should Fox be interviewed?" I say yes. You say no. It's just that simple.
  7. A lot of things have been reported, most of them baseless speculation.
  8. I'm thinking all of the candidates are Mike Smith clones.
  9. 46-18 looks pretty fresh to me. I'm just sayin'. And Toker has something there. Fox could be the perfect 3 yr. fix.
  10. I see your point, Tim. I'm gonna write an article entitled; "Falcons Should Hire The Next Bill Belichick!"
  11. You don't know that for a fact, Cappy. Nobody knows anything at this point.
  12. Is John Fox a proven commodity or a used-up retread? He went 46-18 in Denver and was 73-71 in Carolina. Reports say he still wants to coach. He's the "known" vs. the "unknown". Rex Ryan bashers called Rex "a bigmouth with a losing record". John is the quiet guy with a winning record and Super Bowl appearances. Why not John Fox? Just sayin'.
  13. Not familiar with Shanks and maybe he is an idiot, but I see a lot of truth in what he has written in the article. Don't you?
  14. I have no clue............................................who our next HC will be.
  15. This just in: Reports say Todd Bowles has accepted the HC job for the Podunk Polar Bears in Podunk, Alaska.
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