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  1. ummm, rev, your old avatar was better.....
  2. fox will be hd. fox is always hd. right?
  3. time takes time. bobby inherited a mess and it's gonna take time to straighten it out. i believe we'll be much, much better next year and i for one am willing to give petrino a pass on 2007. in any case, we need to give this fellow at least 5 years or we'll end up looking like a punch-drunk boxer desperately searching for a coach that can take us to the promised land. how does he feel? just like we feel,...disappointed and somewhat disgusted.
  4. take away norwood's 67 yd. scamper and we had 36 yds. rushing. this from a team that lead the league 2 years in a row pounding the rock. we know who we're missing, but i never thought it would be this bad without him.
  5. i don't have to tell anyone who saw the game how bad the falcon's played, but think about this: take away norwood's 67 yd. scamper and we had a whopping 36 yds. rushing. dunn has become all but a non-factor (8 carries for 15 yds.), and yes i know we have terrible o-line problems that contribute to that. we possessed the ball for slightly over 20 minutes and the g-men naturally got the rest of the clock. joey looked dazed and confused again and we sure are missing "you know who" under center. so, can we beat the aints in nawlins? i have serious doubts about it. the team i saw at the dome monday night appears to be coming apart at the seams and is as inept as any falcons team i've ever seen take the field. i knew we were gonna have problems this season after the mv fiasco, but i never thought it could get this bad. can we beat the aints? that is the question.....
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