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  1. Personally, I think a NEW TEAM POSTER would mean more than any reconstituting of the HSA to show our fan support and excitement.
  2. Gritz just called me and alerted me to this thread, folks. He and BCEagle were my partners in crime with the HSA. It's nice to know that some folks want it back. It was a fan-driven award that originated from this board. To be sure, the front office liked it and the players loved it. We had it rolling for a while, and Jay Adams was putting up cool vids of quarterly award winners. But as has been stated, when the team didn't play well, we struggled to get votes. I understood that and it got to the point where the effort being put in to make it all happen wasn't worth the results when fan apathy took hold. That's why I pulled the plug on the HSA. However, this is not to say that it's dead. I still have the stick and Gritz is insisting that this is something coach Quinn would embrace. Perhaps we can take another look at it, y'all, with a fresh approach. Weekly awards are out of the question. BCEagle came up with the quarterly idea and that was better but still had flaws because if we lost the last game of a quarter, voting turn-out was very poor. So maybe twice a season? Once at the half-way point and once again at seasons end. Better yet, maybe just one seasonal award at seasons end, but that has problems too. As soon as a season is over, the players clean out their lockers and go home, win or lose. There would be no one to present the award to. I'll be thinking on it and considering any creative ideas anyone may have concerning "getting the band back together", but I couldn't promise anything at this point.
  3. I think it's always about health, especially later in the season. It's a war of attrition in the NFL and a relatively healthy roster in December and January can make all the difference heading down the stretch. The gods of football haven't been kind to us these past 2 seasons in regards to injuries. Maybe they'll give us a break for a few years. Or not...
  4. And I thought I was having a rough day trying to wire up a new motion detector. Glad you're ok!
  5. I always liked Jason, but he ain't a Falcon anymore so to hail with him.
  6. Happy B'day, Flip. I'd like to see some more of your artwork and so would everyone else.
  7. I'm the one that put Tuggle up to being a mod. And you know what? He's done a great job! He knew when he accepted it form official sources (Banker), that it was a P.I.T.A. and by and large a thankless task. But uncle Tugg has hung in there and I hope he continues to hang. Jpowers is doing a fine job as well. Banker is always there (as he can be), and these boards are in good hands. Now, if you miss a troll you were fond of and can't seem to get over it, they all are easily found on social media networks, I'm sure. They can't be too hard to find because it's all they do. And you folks saying that they just had a different opinion,....no. It was way past that. This board is about fun, entertainment, adult debate and information. It's not about threating PM's, calling people out, insults and the like. This is not the place for that. If you wish to engage in that kind of garbage, get on Facebook, Twitter, etc. There's plenty of room for you there. As for me, TATF is the sole extent of my social media experience and I'm good with that.
  8. A very special Happy Birthday to a very special lady.
  9. Like 'em or hate 'em, miss 'em or dis 'em, this board is better off without 'em. I don't miss any of 'em.
  10. 10-6 and division. I say that every year, though.
  11. The man still does 3,000 push-ups and 1,500 sit-ups every day! He can run a 4.3 40 and is in tremendous physical condition. Do I think he could still play in the NFL and contribute? Yes, I do, and so does DQ. Do I think he will? No, I don't. It's just fun to contemplate.
  12. Hey, wait a minute! Wait just a cotton-pickin' minute!
  13. That would be correct, sir.
  14. Moderator is Dan Levak, the head mod. He use to rule the boards but hasn't been active for a long time. I'm only guessing that he's still employed by the Falcons as the "New Media" guy.
  15. I'm glad they cut Sam Baker. With that out of the way, I was lurking a bit, early this Tuesday morning, and saw an administrator logged on, BankerBird2, a "new" member with 0 active post. Anyone know wtf is going on with that? Did Banker ban himself and then come back with a new account???
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