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  1. I was talking with Gritz about it this morning. Who's gonna beat the Falcons? It's a very favorable schedule, especially before the bye. And we don't have to face any of the perennial powerhouses in the regular season, like the Pack, the Pats or even the Seahawks. Just gotta stay healthy and anything is possible!
  2. Could you say that again? Never mind. Please turn around and put your hands behind your back.
  3. Ok, that's fair enough! I'm in Gainesville. Gritz is always here on Sunday and I have a great set-up: Hi-Def projector, 4' x 8' screen, 1080p, surround sound, all that good chit! Don't flag out. Rise up! I won't let you forget.
  4. It's ok that you think it was corny, but for you assume and state that the players and the organization thought it was corny too is just wrong. I'm drinking too, so let's handle this like adults. Read this, everyone: I don't hide behind my keyboard and/or on social media networks! Got an issue with me? You can call me anytime. My name is Mark. # 770-534-1905. I'm a civil man and will discuss anything rationally. If that's not good enough, I'll give you my address and we can have some real face-time and enjoy a game together. Or not. Got your phone on you, PokerPro? I'll be up for a while longer. Let's talk! Any time!
  5. Yeah, you should. You're just making an even BIGGER fool of yourself. But that's ok. Post on, brother!
  6. You're a real tool, PokerPro, and you obviously misunderstood the whole idea behind the Hick'ry Stick Award. Once again, allow me to try and set a few things straight: 1. The HSA (Hick'ry Stick Award), wasn't my idea. I had used a stick in my cartoons. Good cartoonist use props, and Falco and the Hick'ry Stick was mine. It became popular on these boards, folks loved it, and someone (Karst), had the idea that "let's make this an award! The Hick'ry Stick Award!" It was unofficial for the first season I did it, but the next year Jay Adams and the Falcons F.O. were all over it and made it "official". I then enlisted Gritz to do the portraits and BCEagle to do the write-ups, asked for donations from these boards for the cost of prints and framing (which I did myself at no profit), and we had it going on! It was a lot of fun, but "fun" is not something you seem to be well versed with. 2. Your idea that the players thought it was corny and cheap is absolute B.S. By and large, they loved it as they understood it was coming directly from their fans, and not from a cooperation or a truck dealership. Roddy loved it, and after he had won it twice, Matt Ryan won one and Jay Adams emailed me to say that Matt went walking back into the locker room after the video presentation, swinging the stick and yelling; "Ooooooh Roooooody!" Then there was the time Corey Peters won it. A fan posted in here about a week or two later that he saw Corey at a local Publix where the Falcons F.O. was putting on some kind of deal and Corey was there. The fan said; "Corey, you won the Hick'ry Stick Award!" He said that Corey stood up straighter, broke into a wide smile and said; "Yes I did, and I'm so proud! Thank you!" And you've already read what Gritz said about Brent Grimes. All players that won the award over the two years it was official were very appreciative. All except Tony G. He didn't seem to care one way or another but hey, so what? Can't please everyone, right? 3. The HSA died because of fan apathy. The quarterly awards were based on voting from these boards, and when we started losing, voter turn-out was poor to say the least. That was the "Achilles Heel" of the award. It wasn't that the players didn't dig it or the front office didn't want it. On the contrary, both the F.O. and the players wanted it. But when you start losing a lot of games, the culture changes. We started losing, nobody wanted to vote for the best player of the game that we just got our azzes handed to us in, and I understood that. So I pulled the plug on the HSA. A lot of work and effort went into each award and it just wasn't worth it anymore when very few folks cared to vote. You wanna know why the HSA died? Look in the mirror. I don't recall ever having any words with you, PokerPro, but you dis the HSA every time it comes up. That's ok and you're certainly entitled to your own misguided opinion. But you can relax. There's been several threads recently asking for the return of the HSA and while I'd love to do it again under this new regime just to shove it down your throat, my life has changed and I just don't have time for it these days and I've already spent too much time tonight replying to your nonsense. So I'm gonna leave it up to you, Poker. Since I don't have the time any longer, I'm gonna ask YOU to start a grass roots fan-based award of some kind that we can present to our favorite players, straight from us fans. I want you to head it up, be creative, create excitement, and take care of the whole thing. Can you handle that, PokerPro? If not, you might ask you ask your only friend in here, AreJayDubya, to give you a hand.
  7. "Band of Brothers". That's an awesome analogy. This edition of the Atlanta Falcons under coach Quinn looks to be relevant and competitive right out of the gate and there's absolutely nothing more we could ask for, folks. Quinn's infectious energy and message may even have affected me. I'm getting up earlier, trying to get more done and improve my own attitude and approach toward everyday life. Maybe one day, if I keep at it, he'll let me suit up!
  8. That's great news, but me thinks 37 drop backs is a bit too much, maybe 12 too many. Gotta get that run game beasting!
  9. Looking back, the move to bring him in may have been just a ploy to put some fire under our back-up QB's azzes. Maybe it worked. I had to work Thursday night but I hear Renfree looked serviceable.
  10. No pressure at all. I appreciate the interest and sorry I can't make it happen again.
  11. So Gritz, I gather from this that you're gonna finish the poster, right?
  12. I can all but guarantee you that the Falcons won't be contacting me, asking for the stick.
  13. Sorry, no future plans for the HSA.
  14. After some thoughtful considerations, I've decided not to pursue this. There are just too many variables, time constraints being one of them. I do appreciate the interest and the fact that some folks still like the idea of the Hick'ry Stick Award. It was fun, but it's done.
  15. I'll think about it. There are many things to consider. I'll be discussing it with Gritz in the days and weeks to come.
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