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  1. I was at the same show. I was older and partaking in illegal substances and don't remember much about it. My friends say I had a good time.
  2. Better late than never, folks. I'm Mark Tucker. Born and raised in Atlanta, I rolled out of the womb in 1952 screaming "GO FALCONS!", but had to wait a few years before we got a franchise. I currently live in Gainesville on beautiful lake Lanier and have been here about 20 years. I never married or fathered any children. I have a steady GF and I gave her a promise ring Sunday night. We'll see. It's easy for an old bachelor like me to get cold feet, but I do love her dearly. I always liked to draw and although I've never made a living with my art, I was the official cartoonist for for a few years and remain the only poster in here to ever get paid to post, as far as I know. Those days are over, but I still do one here and there when I have time and a worthy idea. The money was nice, but I never really cared about that. I had gone for many years without so much as picking up a pencil and it was these boards that prompted me to start drawing again and combining two of my favorite things, cartooning and Falcons football. Originally, my cartoons were simple pen and ink jobs and then I met Gritz (Tim), who introduced me to the magic of Photoshop and rocked my world. Gritz became one of my BFFs, my brudda from another mudda, and I've had the privilege of meeting some other members through the years including Tandy, Cappy and Rev Hal. I hope in time to meet more. Here you see me posing with the original Hick'ry Stick, the same stick that has graced the hands and locker tops of Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Tony Gonzo, Corey Peters, Babs and a few others, I forget who. Since the end of the Hick'ry Stick Award, it hangs by my front door, ready to clobber any intruders or Saints fans, whichever comes first. That's about it for me. Like most of us, I optimistically await the season(s) to come under coach Quinn and the new regime. This old fan feels the energy and hears the promise from our new HC. It's gonna be a fun ride, hopefully all the way to the Promised Land! Yours truly, Supes~
  3. Hawks all the way, baby!
  4. LMAO Ken! ^^^ ^^^
  5. I get really sad when I don't get to see a drawing from you every week. Just thought I would let you know.

  6. Nope. I deleted my Facebook account. Not for me.

    1. rutroscooby


      Miss you on Facebook!

  7. Hey Mark are you still on Facebook?

  8. Thnx for the add

    Long Live Falco

  9. BIG PROPS to ALL that donated for the Hick'ry Stick Award!

  10. Still enjoying my print Supes......Iwant to order another one when I get the chance.

    Let me know how much.

  11. Your an amazing artist! LONG LIVE FALCO!!!