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  1. He doesn't blame anyone but himself. Read his book. Or don't.
  2. The 2012 NFCCG. In his book, he describes how after that game, things changed, enormous pressure developed to "win it all now", and he lost focus on the things he felt were most important.
  3. It was a stone cold stinker. Stink, stank, stunk. But it happened early enough in the season and hopefully our Birds won't look so bad again. Not saying we won't lose more games because we certainly will, but make the other teams beat you. Don't beat yourselves and for gawd's sake, don't be beating yourselves in December!
  4. I was on that Rex Ryan train too, Xfactor. It feels good to have been wrong. I hope DQ is our HC for 15 years or longer, retiring with multiple rings.
  5. "You are what your record says you are." ~ Bill Parcells
  6. I'll let you "We Dat" Friday if you "Rise Up" Thursday.
  7. Well, not everyone is gonna embrace it no matter what. And like my friend Poker Steve, there were times last season when I'd turn the radio off in my truck when the commercial came on. But I like it when we're winning, especially the ways we're winning. It feels ok to say it, even good to say it, and most fans I know are saying it regularly.
  8. About this time last season, many of us were mumbling "Wise Up" as we watched another season slowly start to circle the drain on it's way to the proverbial septic tank. Threads were started in here demanding an end to the Falcon's catch phrase and understandably so. The Falcons couldn't make a cake rise, much less create the sense of excitement we're all feeling this season. "Rise Up" certainly is fitting for the way these Falcons have been playing and fighting this season under coach Quinn, what with their 4th quarter heroics and a determined refusal to lose. I use the term as a greeting to m
  9. If I recall correctly, BCEagle majored in English in college. It shows! Great write-up, Linds, and I'm so glad you got to make it down for what was an ugly but ultimately very exciting game!
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