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  1. You entitled to that opinion. And I am entitled to being optimistic.
  2. I fully expect us to contend for a title the next several years. Kirby has us set up so well for the future. I was crushed in 2012 because i felt Richt was using "magic dust" with so many things bouncing our way. it just never felt sustainable. 2018 the only question marks i have are LB and DB. We have a lot of raw talent. We will take a step back from Roquan. He is just special.
  3. facemask on swift. holding on roquan. there was a lot to be upset about from the officials.
  4. Or, you know, it happened last year. I get what you are saying. But, you cannot stop me from being optimistic. I think we have a different coach, mindset, and process than the previous 15-20 years.
  5. tough pill to swallow. but good on those guys for standing in there and taking it. Better than some would've/have done. I really do think we will be back sooner than expected.
  6. this speaks to me on spiritual level right now. Parrish and Gosling are the same.
  7. can someone post a link to Kirby getting choked up after the game? i cannot find it.
  8. I don’t know. I’m comforted right now in the fact that we have a great class coming in and that we were in ship with a second year head coach. Its further than richt ever took us. I wanted to win so bad, but I feel like we are built for long term success, not just a flash in the pan every 3-5 years. But, if we don’t ever get back I don’t think it will affect my life like some in here. I have too many other positives in my life.
  9. Guys. It’s a GAME. Geez
  10. The only reason I can think of is they were determined to get Chubb involved. Sony definitely had it tonight.
  11. Good grief it’s a game man.
  12. So gutted right now. Nothing will shake me after this it will just make the natty all the better when we win it.
  13. Grow up. It’s a game. We played our hearts out. They made one more play. Dont take away from that game and those kids.
  14. I will always love this team. We made it further than I could have imagined. We will be back. We have great recruiting. We will win this one day.
  15. My whole body is shaking.