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  1. as a 41 year old white man I can honestly say for the first time in my life i am shutting up and listening. anything less than that is not needed. I will be helping and learning from this day forward.
  2. i have a bet with a coworker that UGA will be ahead of utk in final recruiting rankings for this year. safe bet?
  3. knowshon moreno. he was so fun to watch in college.
  4. working as much as i do, i come on here to grab a few tidbits of inside information and then move on with my day. For a large portion of people on this forum that don't post a lot it does get annoying to see so much banter back and forth about nonsense and personal attacks. i do hide people that i've identified as not useful for information. People's opinion matters little to me, i just want the insider info and then move on. It's not personal and i personally dont dislike anyone on here. For some people i guess they use this as entertainment, and thats totally cool for them. i have a different set of goals when i log on. keep doing you.
  5. Judging a fan base strictly on the worst of them is never a good idea. I know plenty of great Georgia fans and bama fans. just put bamabirdlady on hidden. No sense in seeing all of this.
  6. I don't know if I've ever come across someone who is so opinionated AND sensitive at the same time. Good times.
  7. I don’t think anyone saw what burrow did this coming year. he didn’t look great last year, or at least not like this year.
  8. And you won’t change their mind. They won’t change yours. Enjoy.
  9. Why can’t we just celebrate him having a good game tonight? Why do we have to bash his past and not enjoy tonight? he’s played badly but tonight is all I care about. Past can’t be changed. The next step is all we have control over. smh. Some people.
  10. Is he being coached? Even the pros need fundamentals drilled into them.
  11. Some of y’all kill me. We. Are. 10-1. And. Going. To. The. Seccg. bottom line is we are figuring out ways to win these games. these are the facts. All the “ we’re not gonna do this and we’re not gonna do that” against LSU is not facts. It’s opinions. we will see when they lace em up. Hoping for an injury free w against those tater diggers in Atlanta then onto the ship.
  12. i do the RP diet template and i am stronger and leaner than ever. i work out 5-6 times per week (crossfit) and run 7-8 miles on the weekends. congrats on the weight loss!!!
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