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  1. i do the RP diet template and i am stronger and leaner than ever. i work out 5-6 times per week (crossfit) and run 7-8 miles on the weekends. congrats on the weight loss!!!
  2. put him on ignore. it has helped me enjoy the boards again. i have noticed since Georgia got Kirby he has been on here more and it has created more drama than i remember in years past.
  3. Opening drive was abismal. We played better in tge in the second half but missed tackles and out of position.
  4. Losing Mel and Kirby pulling double duty probably hurt us more than we think. my observations from last night: 1. Divaad looked like the real deal. i am excited to see him play. 2. make Lecounte tackle. with. his arms. 3. swift had an off night, but Herrien looked like he was shot out of a cannon. he needs to be considered for a bigger role in the offense. 4. Fromm looked a little off, but the o-line did him no favors. missed assignments and guys were running free to him. 5. defense did not look aggressive. 6. i am going to miss ledbetter.
  5. this. is. a. recruiting. thread. please. take. it. elsewhere.
  6. that is a great backfield in my opinion. how many other teams want that kind of depth?
  7. swift, holyfield, zeus, mcintosh, herrien, cook, and we could add dj? wow.
  8. i will say this: i enjoy the boards so much now after blocking a few people that add zero to the conversation.
  9. number 2 class. 4 five stars signed. Ill take it.
  10. I seriously don’t get why everyone is so bent out of shape on this. If he leaves I hope the best for him if he stays I hope the best for him. Its really simple. Don’t let it control your life.
  11. I love it. Thanks man!!!
  12. Sorry if already posted but any idea on our new dc?
  13. This reeks of desperation. Let the kid have his moment.
  14. I’m stoked for this class already. Keep what we have and everything else is icing on the cake.