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  1. They will change the rules to accomodate the protection of their $$$$$$. Billions are at stake. I dont see any punishments being handed down.
  2. NICE! thanks man.
  3. I agree completely. I prefer traditional uniform aesthetics. I love our current black nike Fauxbacks, but would prefer a red helmet.
  4. This. I love this. I do feel sometimes ratings can be a little misguiding. I would love to see what our star rating is among positions. that would be interesting to see but i dont know how to do that.
  5. Unfortunately not everyone enjoys discussing uniform aesthetics. I personally dislike the Falcons current uniform set almost entirely. I would love to see a "Fauxback" type uniform for us that would bring the old with the new (IE silver britches, red helmet, black jersey, different number font, but with our current logo). For anyone that enjoys sports logos/uniforms in general go here
  6. lol, i thought the same thing. he is usually a cool guy on the board. this was a bit out of character.
  7. I agree completely. He’s going to be a good one. It would’ve been great to have him for sure. I hope he kills it at uscjr for the next 3 years minus 3 games.
  8. I get that. No reason to attack the kid by making assumptions he can’t pass classes just because of a rumor. I love this message board. Mainly because of all the great info, but I also love the fact that negativity like this is pretty rare. Leave that to other sites.
  9. I agree with b-dawg. Not cool. He is a teenager make the biggest decision of his life with multiple adults trying to sway his decision. Just because you think you know what’s best for him doesn’t mean it really is.
  10. I am still in shock this class ended the way it did. And 2019 looks to be shaping up the same way. i am NO GOOD at depth chart stuff. does anyone have an updated 2 deep for 2018? And, i believe Zeus will end up being the best of this bunch. The reason i believe is the line he will be running behind will help tremendously. Dell, Pittman, and everyone deserves a nice pay raise after this.
  11. Stepping off a plane in Columbia sc and seeing this makes me smile so much. Lots of butthurt Vols back in Chattanooga. I feel bad for a few of my buddies who have been telling quay was a vol lock for weeks and uga was just a hat. Im getting texts saying we cheated, they will beat us the next 2 years, and pruitt soured n him at the last minute causing him to go withplan b.
  12. I am really rooting for the kid. of course, its so much easier to root for him and take the transfer in stride when we have Fromm and Fields.
  13. SIAP Reading this it's pretty exciting to learn we OWNED our state better than any other instate school with top talent. Kirby and staff are doing work. the next 5-10 years could be special in Athens.
  14. Gotcha. Personally, I like what Reese brings to the table over Walker but whoever the coaches bring in i know they will squeeze all the talent out of them. any news on Zeus recovery? will he be able to go this season?
  15. alright so what is the final consensus? campbell Walthour Sandidge Davis who else? i live in chattanooga and ALL my friends are convinced quay is a vol. i have read the entire thread and i dont think anyone knows for sure. what are yalls predictions?