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  1. Sorry if already posted but any idea on our new dc?
  2. This reeks of desperation. Let the kid have his moment.
  3. I’m stoked for this class already. Keep what we have and everything else is icing on the cake.
  4. i get that. just wondering where their information comes from. they are basically banking on them landing webb, sanders, neal, wright, and a host of others. just thought it was odd.
  5. I just read on 247 they are saying bama will have the greatest class in history and no one is catching them.
  6. So proud of this team. I love em.
  7. When will there be a replay? I missed all of it
  8. Did I hear it correctly we are without several d linemen?
  9. We’re still 4th in the composite rankings, which is surprising to see based on some of the doom and gloom around here. Not necessarily you, but there’s been quite a bit of it. Im willing to bet we will be top 3 in the rankings when it’s all said and done.
  10. Long developing routes down the field seem to be an issue for our line as well. At least it feels that way. the pocket collapses before we have time for the play to develop.
  11. I’m not surprised with the outcome. We looked off all year and this team has looked a year away from being ready. I think we lose atleast one more game, maybe 2. We’re just too young on d and Tyson Campbell is getting picked on quite a bit. I think he will improve but it’s obvious he’s struggling. Fromm has not looked great. I’m hoping he improves but if not, then tough decisions need to be made. Holyfield looks legit and at this point is our best back in my opinion. We just look too vanilla on offense and the d is struggling up front
  12. Don’t know if it’s been posted but I just saw a crystal ball prediction putting nakobe dean to us. Is that legit? Do we have a shot?
  13. In my opinion, this game is going to come down to Burrow and Fromm, obviously. Who handles pressure and adversity better? Should be a tight one.
  14. kirby and staff have proven to me to never give up. its still early and we will get our share of elite spots in the end. i totally understand haselwood decommitting. i wish him the best.
  15. In years past I would be ecstatic with a 24-6 lead heading to the 4th. But now this is just kind of a let down.