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  1. dang. that hurts because its true.
  2. wow. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30840760/nfl-falcons-dt-grady-jarrett-sending-12-year-old-super-bowl-family-tragedy
  3. is this Bama team the best team ever? 10 game SEC only schedule, sec champ, undefeated, never scored less than 45 points (i think). they were really good. i hate bama fans, but **** Saban knows how to coach and prep his team.
  4. wow, it seems Kirby has been our head coach longer than 5 years. I know his best coaching days are still ahead of him, just so ready to win a natty.
  5. I saw where Mins is making his final final decision on the 16th. Weird. Anything to be worried about?
  6. funny......and a little hurtful. But, sometimes the truth hurts.
  7. Proud of this team. I know we didn’t look good against bama but better days are ahead. Mac Jones has to heisman front runner at this point. Man, he looked good.
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