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  1. Kirby is an insanely great coach. He didn’t flinch when Fromm struggled early. He didn’t flinch when the D struggled a bit. He kept this team pointed at a goal with laser sharp focus. I am so glad I was wrong about this game.
  2. I picked this game as a loss for us a few weeks ago. I thiink we struggle with the win or loss going 50/50
  3. Just happy being the age I’m at. Lol. Go dawgs!!
  4. 1. Clarke’s standard was amazing!!! 2. This team just looks BIG. And fierce. 3. Divaad Wilson was hilarious on the sideline today. Dancing around, pumping teammates up, keeping Zeus company and in good spirits, and just keeping everyone loose. Easily my favorite player on the sideline and I’m rooting for him. 4. Demetrius Robertson is fast. I was on the sideline that he ran down and Good lord he just passed everyone like they were still. I think he’s faster than mecole. 5. My daughter and I are already planning another game!!!
  5. im looking forward to it. the game is going to be fun, but the time i get to spend with my daughter is going to be the best.
  6. youre the man. thank you so much.
  7. we are looking for burgers, fries, etc. nothing fancy.
  8. its been 10 years since ive been to athens. anyone have suggestions on cool places to eat that would appeal to my 17 yo daughter?
  9. Definitely not feeling down. Age is just a number. I’m in the best shape of my life and loving every minute of it. It it will be a special day for sure.
  10. I’ll be in section 129, row 1. Taking my daughter (17 yo) to our first game together. Im so excited. Go dawgs!!!!
  11. i agree we are evenly matched with Bama. the national championship game proved we are pulling even with them. the last play was a blown coverage, in my opinion, or we wouldve won.
  12. it will be an interesting year in the East. I see more parity within the division than most others. UGA - clear favorite but how do we handle success? will the new guys step up? UTK - new coach, new attitude. how will they handle diversity? UF - Mullen is a great coach. how much will he get out of his players? USC - i see this as a tough game. they are always tough to beat in Columbia. UK - Improving. Missouri - this game worries me every year. their offense is just explosive. can the defense step up? Vandy - nah. i expect the dawgs to win the east, but i dont think we blow thru everyone. lots of tough games with a target on our backs. Im excited for this season.
  13. these are some of the best uniforms in college football, at least from an aesthetics standpoint. very well put together. if i were voting on ugliest uniforms in cfb i would go with these.
  14. They will change the rules to accomodate the protection of their $$$$$$. Billions are at stake. I dont see any punishments being handed down.
  15. NICE! thanks man.