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  1. Brees and Aaron Rogers get rid of teh ball faster than everyone else in football. Brees was especially quick in his decision making yesterday.
  2. I attribute that swagger to Peyton. They missed it without him, and from hearing the comments from the players, he brought it back with his return.
  3. I didn't like starting the season with the Saints, and I really didn't like the game being in New Orleans. I had the feeling this game was going to be an uphill battle, but it was a bettter game than I expected. 1. The o-line play was pretty bad. We started off looking rather solid. but the Saints quickly adjusted and exploited our weaknesses. I seriously hope that this unit can begin to gel better, or this is going to be a long season. 2. The defense was a nice surprise. Alford and Trufant both looked strong. The D-line had pressure on Brees at times, but the run defense was giving up way to many 7-8 yeard runs. 3. I had a flashback to 3 years ago when the Falcons were consistantly dead in the 3rd quarter. They looked completely flat and lackluster. 4. One thing about Ryan that I love is that he is at his best when the game is on the line. If he had any better protection on that last drive, I am confedent the Falcons would have scored. 5. Not only did Kroy Beirmann play DL, LB and DB in this game, he also sold peanuts, ran the scoreboard, performed at half time, and did Arthur Blank's taxes. 6. It was sad to see Turner's declining skills last season, but Steve Jackson is a huge upgrade. Once again, if the OL does a better job of blocking, he will have a big year. 7. The reason this game bothered me so much is the same reason I hated the Falcons being the first team that the Saints played in the Superdome after Katrina. Peyton's return was going to ahve this team playing on an emotional high, and they were pumped and ready for this game. While we did not play our best game, I don't know if any team in the NFL was going to beat the Saints at home in week 1 this season. 8. Bottom line is that the Saints are a much more competitive team than last year, and they believe that they can win the division. We are in for a much harder battle than we had last year. It is going to be a very competitive year, adn the Falcons need to go out now and take care of business.
  4. I had dinner a few times with JohnnyBuc and his daughter. He is a really great guy. I love that family to death!
  5. Who was the idiot that claimed he was in the military, but when he posted pictures of him "serving", tehy were taken off of some random web site? I have never seen anyone so busted in a lie in my life!!!! Who was that dude? Someone started a thread claimeing to be other people after he was busted, and it got funnier and funnier. I think it was Tandy who claimed to be Oprah.1:)
  6. ROFL!!! I forgot about the Waffle House fight. That was so funny I cried!!!
  7. Where did Emmet go? He was the best poster in the history of this board.
  8. There were like 70 pictures in that thread, and hundreds of jokes. It went on for almost half of the season.
  9. Not to mention the thread about "Brookings and Finnerman".
  10. Remember the "Saga of Clowney vs. Barnet Fife" when ClownOrg almost got arrested outside of Flowery Branch? My 11 year old son was the one that accidentally got him busted.
  11. Most of them are long since gone, lost in one of the old board conversons.
  12. I thoguht so. We mad ethe front page of the AJC with that.
  13. I think the old HOF threads got lost in the last conversion.And yes, we made Danish television. My personal favorite picture was Morten on teh boat with George Washington crossing the Deleware.
  14. Banker and I got into this discussion on another thread, and it made me think of all of the funny threads that have been posteed here in the past. My all time favorites are: 1. Way back when we were infested by Bucs trolls, we had a Bocs fan that lost a bet and would not pay up. Levak (Moderator) came on the boards and created a thread "How Not To Use The Atlanta Falcons Message Boards", and reemed that guy 6 new holes! That is STILL my favorite thread of all time, and was the first thread ever to move to the Thread Hall of Fame. Man, that was so funny. 2. The "Morton Andersen is so old" thread. People were photoshopping Morten into classic old pictures and cranking out oneliners for weeks. 3. The day Petrino quit - This was not just 1 thread, but dozens of threads all ridiculing the failed fraud of a coach. I was literally hurting that day from laughing for hours. We were all so dang frustrated with that horrible season, and all of the laughing was theraputic. 4. "WE ARE STARING 0-16 IN THE FACE!!!" by the infamous Dishwasher3000 (who was actually a pretty cool guy outside of these boards). He never lived that thread down. 5. Do you remember the "What?" invasion on the Eagles message board? Abot 20 of us went over and registered on that board, and just posted "What?" to every response over there. It was hysterical. 6. Bankerbird started a thread on biscuits that got 800+ repsonses. That was just bizarre. 7. Two words for you - Spider bite! I am sure there are tons others, but those were some of the best days ever on this board.
  15. Remember back when that Bocs fan lost a bet and would not pay up? Levak came on the boards and created a thread "How Not To Use The Atlanta Falcons Message Boards", and reemed that guy 6 new holes! That is STILL my favorite thread of all time, and was the first thread ever to move to the Thread Hall of Fame. Man, that was so funny.
  16. I laughed for days on that thread. Almost as classic as the Morten Andersen thread.
  17. Yes, but you don't want to know what it takes to get those.For me, it was a weekend with a bucket of whipped cream and Grady Jackson. I still have nightmares.
  18. No one knew who Larry was, and I was constantly asked why I had a sex toy with a face as my avitar.
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