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  1. Who knows. I guess he has a crush on me. I do look sexy after the big weight loss.
  2. I wonder what the guy has against me. I thought he was funny at times. He also has some validity in his football opinions, even though I dont agree with all of them. Nice to see somene has a man crush on me though.
  3. Ok, I will call someone out.The first person that this organization needs to get rid of is you.
  4. As far as Clabo goes, I was judging him on what he did HERE, not what he is doing in Miami. But there is no way you can tell me that this line would not be better with him here as a Falcon. Right now, only 1.5 of the starters (Blaylock and Baker when he is healthy) are starting quality linemen. The rest of the like is just plain bad.
  5. Clabo and Dahl were the 2 guys that brought attitude to this offense. Now that they are both gone, so it the attitude.
  6. And I am not a fan of your constant negativity. I'm glad we could agree on something.
  7. Rough night. Rough season. There is really no point in ripping apart last night’s game. The problems are much bigger. 1. Let’s just face the facts. This is not a very good team. We have a lot of fantastic pieces, but we are missing way too many pieces to be a contender. We are getting beat by sub-par teams, and the Falcons are nowhere close to being a playoff contending team. I am not one to sit and constantly blame and point the fingers, but there are some real questions to answer. 2. This team has had no fire and no sense of urgency all year. This team has no killer instinct. I am not in the locker room and on the field, so I cant tell you if this is coming from the players or the coaching staff. But this team has no swagger, and this team does not put fear in the minds of any other team. No other way to say it than we are flat out SOFT. 3. I am starting to wonder if Dimitroff is so focused on filling in holes in the skill positions that he is ignoring the backbone of the team. Both lines are terrible, and we have no depth. You can’t blame this 100% on Dimitroff, because he works closely with the coaching staff and scouts, and they make decisions as a group. Still, Having Clabo back would be huge right now. Getting a DL higher in the draft would have been nice. Getting ANYONE else for the d-line would have been nice. 4. You cannot ignore the injuries. Does anyone still want to argue how important Kroy was to this defense? That is not anyone’s fault – injuries happen, and we have not been hit as heavily in the past as we have been this year. 5. Using stats and your eyeballs, is it quite obvious now that Osi was no upgrade to Abe. Stephen Jackson is a myth. Weatherspoon is the new Norwood – injured every season. I can’t even tell when Samuel is hurt or not – he is now invisible And out best OL is a Dolphin. 6. Where do we go from here? Well, Green Bay got off to a terrible start a few years ago, limped into the playoffs, and won a Super Bowl. Is it possible for the Falcons to do the same thing? Mathematically yes, but a lot has to change, 7. I am not going to sit here and call out individual players, coaches, and front office people and scream for them to be fired. The bottom line is that this entire organization has sucked all season, and every single person who receives a paycheck from the Falcons is part of the problem, and they all need to be part of the solution.
  8. We more than played well enogh to win - we dominated most of the game. We just cannot settle for field goals.
  9. I thought he had a bad day like Dent, but nowhere near the level of McLain.
  10. It was more effective in the first half than it had been all year, and we just stopped. The passing was not that effective either with teh Dolphins sitting in coverage.
  11. I have calmed down now, but that was an infuriating game to watch. I am still mad, but nothing like I was yesterday. There was some good and bad. 1. Biggest failure of the day was obviously red zone offense. For the Falcons to dominate the Dolphins the way they did and do little but kick and miss field goals was terrible. This was the area where missing Jackson was blatantly obvious. 2. Falcons could not stop the Dolphins at all in the 4th quarter. The injuries and lack of depth was evident, because Miami went through our D like a hot knife through better. We could not have stopped a Pop Warner team at the end of that game. 3. Rogers looked like a new back. I guess he read all of the griping we did about how worthless he was last week and really stepped up. He was fighting for yardage, and his pass protection was good too. 4. Snelling is to our offense what Kroy is to the defense. I have been a Snelling fan since he got here, and I cannot believe no other team in the league snapped him up when the Falcons let him walk. He is no superstar, but is versatile and effective. He fought on the first TD run of the game. Love that guy. 5. McLain had a rough day. He was getting beat like a red headed step child. His tackling was poor, and he seemed out of place all day. 6 We abandoned the rush too much until late in the game. The minute 2 runs did not work, we went back to pass happy mode. We did not look as flat as we normally do in the 3rd quarter, but we were not sharp either. 7, Again - Way too many field goals, we dominated and it was way too close. We have to get the ball in the end zone. We let the Doplins linger and it bit us in the butt. 8.. Nicholas blew the coverage on the final TD pass. But as long as Dent is on the team, Nicholas is nowhere near the worst LB. Dent could have been the Dolphins MVP yesterday with his lack of consistent play. He had 1-2 good plays, but was continually blocked and pushed around all day. He had very little upper body strength, and cannot shed a block. 9. Even though White was hurt, Julio has become the real go to WR. This is going to be his big breakout year. I am still happy we made that trade. 10. Pass protection was ok, and the OL played well in the run. Ryan’s quick decision making is the factor that keeps this offense moving. I wish the Ryan haters would realize how great this guy is. 11. Remember when we used to trail late in the game, but you KNEW the Falcons were going to come back and win? That feeling ahs now reversed itself for me. Against the Saints and the Dolphins, we had a chance late in the game to win or to hold a lead, but both games I had the sinking feeling that we were going to lose. It is becoming a pattern now for this team, and they need to turn it around.
  12. Seriously gang, I need your help. Many of you know that one of my best friends has ALS, and has roughly 9 months left to live. That was why I went so berserk when the 790 guys pulled thier proank this summer. Well, Chris Dimino is leading a team fir the ALS Foundation walk this Saturday, and I need help with donations. This is a good cause, and is very close to my heart. I am havig a contest with all of my friends that whoever makes the biggest donation (and lives in Atlanta), I will take to dinner and the Punch Line in Sandy Springs. If you are out of town and make the biggest donation, I will send you some Falcons gear. The leading donation is $50 right now, and that is easilty beatable. If you want to come out Saturday morning and meet Chris Dimino, he would love to talk with you. I have gotten to know him, and he is a great guy. So to help me: 1. Send a donation via PayPal to halology@yahoo.com 2. Keep this thread bumped 3. Come out and walk with us on Saturday. Thanks folks, and GO FALCONS!!!!.
  13. I think people must pass a knee jerking test before they are allowed to post here.
  14. Rogers is good when you can get him into open space with the ball. The problem was with Jackson out, we needed to be able to pound the ball. Snelling's TD run one again proved he is a great role player and a nice fill in. Any news yet on Jackson's injury?
  15. I hope his recovery is quick. I like the kid.
  16. I am so ready, as long as there are oxogyn tanks of the sidelines, and I can stand need the Chherlieaders with Rie.
  17. If it was something as bad as an Achilles tear, I think we would ahve already heard something by now.
  18. Nice win yesterday. There are areas of concern, but 31 other teams have areas of concern too. 1. If the 1st quarter, I was thinking “Wow, the defense is looking great!”. And then the rest of the game happened. I don’t think that yesterday shows the lack of overall talent on defense, but the lack of depth. When Biermann and Samuel went out, it was a different team. 2. On the subject of injuries, I know Biermann gets a lot of grief on this board. No, he is not the best pass rusher in the NFL. But if you did not see the difference in the defense with and without him yesterday, you are not being honest with yourself. The way Nolan uses Kroy squeezes every drop of talent out of him. 3. The loss of Jackson was huge, bur Ryan was great in his absence. Rogers was a non-factor all day. 4. Back in the 90’s, the Braves had a catcher named Damon Berryhill. He hit about .220 for the Braves, but I always called him the best .220 hitter in baseball. Every hit he got was a timely RBI of a HR, but he never excelled. Jason Snelling is that guy on the Falcons for me. He will never get the credit he deserves, but he is clutch every time we need him. He did a great job coming in at FB, and had some nice timely runs in place of Jackson when we needed it. I love that guy. 5. The Falcons made a great adjustment from last week, and Ryan was getting rid of the ball quickly and making very quick decisions. That is the best way this team can cope with a sub par offensive line. 6. Who is Bartu? I like that kid. 7. It was hard to judge the true talent level of Ogletree on this board with all of the UGA homes, but that kid is a stud. He is adjusting to the NFL game very quickly. 8. The Osi interception was hysterical. He was smiling so big when he crossed the finish line, you could see his teeth from outer space. 9. FYI – that is 4 regular season games that the Rams have not given up a sack. Not an excuse for a lack of pass rush, but just saying…. 10. Let’s hope these injuries are not severe. We need every one of starters on the field every week. The big downfall of this team will be if they cannot stay healthy.
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