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  1. This article is so old, Morten Anderson was young when it was written.
  2. I love the way Moore hits. He reminds me a little of Scott Case (although no Falcon in history has tackled harder than Case). I would hate to push him into the coverage side.
  3. I know that the Falcons are targeting several safeties in the draft, but I would still like to see us sign a veteran. Clemons is the only guy out there that is remotely interesting. He is not the best cover guy, but would be an upgrade from DeCoud. I would love to grab Alex Mack, but it is not worth dealing with the tag. Michael Oher is interesting, but I don't know if that is because of the movie. It would be an upgrade over Holmes, but it would leave Baker at LT. If we go OT at #6, then there is no reason to sign anyone.
  4. Do we need some sort of veteran in there as a stop gap while a rookie learns the ropes?
  5. We need to sign Inigo Montoya. "Hey Drew Brees.... My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"
  6. I say we sign Selena Gomez as a K and move Bryant to QB. Then we move Matt Ryan to C. We can then sign Chris Angel at WR - he will just levitate about the defensive backs. We should also sign a cow to jump over the moon.
  7. That is the gamble. But are there any better options out there?
  8. With a need at safety, and everyone good off the board other than Clemons, Lewis might be who we target. He was a Pilosi pick in KC. Does anyone know anything about him?
  9. Is Lewis an upgrade from Decoud? He could be signed cheap, but how is his level of play? (I don't know much about him)
  10. I would love to know who is after him. Honestly, I assumed he would already be gone by now.
  11. Is Nickle as big of a need as Safety? I am still high on McClain, and I think he will improve this year. Safety is a bigger hole.
  12. That's what I was thinking. I have no idea how much interest he is drawing, I'm just wondering if he is a better option than the people that are left on the market at S.
  13. Even though age has taken most of his raw skills, is there enough gas in teh tank left in Bailey to play Safety for us? I think his corner days are over, but he is willing to make the move. The question is can he be productive in that role. I know he would be a popular choice in Atlanta, but is it reaistic?
  14. Really? I just dont post much anymore. I'm here.
  15. He is barking up the wrong tree with me. If he didn't get personal, I'd let him stay. He is more entertaining than annoying, and he plays some people here like a fiddle.If everyone would just ignore him, I think he would stop. Someone like that enjoys the attention. If he wasn't getting the attention, he would probably stop and find some other place to annoy people. Anyway, he cracks me up.
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