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  1. I think Banker will move to the right side. our OL is massively better.
  2. Does anyone know what a meltdown is? What is all of the Kum Bah Yah stuff in here?
  3. If you are going to cry and whine about the way the draft is going, do it here.
  4. I bet we end up trading to #2 or #3 and take Mack. It is a lower cost than the Texan's pick, and he will be a game changer. Unless the Texans drop their price considerably, they can take Clowney.
  5. My vote for the perfect stadium name:
  6. \Dome Depot Coca-Doma Chick-fil-upthestadiumbeforekickoff
  7. Hello. My name is Inigo Mendoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  8. It really is. This is a fun draft, because I ahve no idea where we are going in the first 2 rounds.
  9. The bottom line is that picking at #6 can be a mixed bag. MAny of these guys looked like superstars coming out of college. Out of this list, I think the Falcons did the best #6 pick for the last 7 years: 2013 Cleveland Browns Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU 2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Barron DB Alabama 2011 Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones WR Alabama 2010 Seattle Seahawks Russell Okung T Oklahoma State 2009 Cincinnati Bengals Andre Smith T Alabama 2008 New York Jets Vernon Gholston LB Ohio State 2007 Washington Redskins LaRon Landry SS Louisiana State
  10. Honestly I see is going 1DE and 2 LB.
  11. It is supply and demand. There are more mid round OT's available than bona fide pass rushers.
  12. Big Ben left. Morten Andersen with the winning FG in Minnesota. Everything else.
  13. This is not what I WANT to happen, but what I THINK will happen. 1. If the Falcons trade up, it will be to the #2 slot to get Clowney. If we stay pat at #6, it will be Mack or Barr. This draft is deeper at OL than pass rushers, and the Falcons will get their OT in the 3rd round. 2. We desperately need a Safety, and we will take one in teh 2nd round. I would be thrilled if Pryor was still on the board, but I think he is long gone. Bucannon will be our guy. 3. If we have a 3rd round pick, it will be OL If we don't, then we have Clowney. 4. Not Falcon's related, but Manzell is going to ahve the same fate as Aaron Rogers and Brady Quinn. He is going to sit there while everyone passes on him. If I were him, I would not even show up in NY. 5. All remaining picks are depth, which we need in several areas. I suspect more than 1 LB will be taken, Don't be surprised to see up pick up a receiver in the later rounds too.
  14. His bench reps at the combine were very low for a DE. That was concerning.
  15. Mack seems like much more of a "sure bet" to me than Clowney. I think I am the only one that sees him as a potential bust.
  16. If the front office is willing to move up, they have a target.
  17. I do NOT want the Falcons to trade up. There is enough value at #6 to warrant staying there and keeping the rest of our picks. But if we do, do we draft Clowney or Mack? Personally, I want Mack over Clowney. With the FA moves, we have a greater need at OLB, and Mack looks like a can't miiss prospect. Clowney scares me - I don't think he is going to be the impact player everyone thinks he will be. His bench press numbers were low at teh combine, and his season last year was not impressive. If we stay at #6, both Barr and Matthews will be on the board - I would be happy with either player.
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