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  1. 1. joey harrington is not the problem with this offense. 2. the falcons are not the worst team in the nfl, thanks to the dolphins. 3. the reason that this team led the league in rushing for the last 3 years was vick not for his running, but for the ways defenses had to prepare for him. having him as a threat kept people in their lanes, which opened holes for the other backs. 4. tom brady, peyton manning, joe montana, and the apostle paul would fail as qb behind this offensive line. so would any qb in the league. 5. as bad as this team is today, and this is a bad team, i firmly believe that the ownership and management is committed to bringing a winning football team to atlanta. hopefully it will be the falcons. 6. this coaching staff may not be the right fit for the falcons, but we cannot make that judgment after 6 games. petrino prepared for 6 months with vick, and had the rug pulled out from under him. 7. while harrington, leftwich, and redman are all better passers than vick, this offense would be more productive if vick was still here. 8. while a 47 year old kicker is a fun, heartwarming story, it is not going to help you win games. 9. the veteran talent on this team is beginning to age. if the falcons are going to make a run without a complete overhaul, it will have to be done very soon through free agency. 10. no matter what you believe, this message board is a tiny subset of the atlanta fan base, and what happens on this board is not indicative of what is happening in the complete fan base. 11. the georgia dome is fine as is. painting the seats different colors will not help this team win or draw more fans. don t waste your money. 12. we are in an official time warp to 1978. the 1-5 falcons will be taking on the 1-5 saints this sunday. i feel nostalgic.
  2. the falcons performed a magic trick last night that would have amaxed david copperfield, chris angel, and houdini. they turned eli into peyton.
  3. tonight is the night that anderson breaks out and gets his first sack! it's gonna be tough, but i think the falcons can pull this one out tonight. this is a trap game for the giants, and we can pull off the upset!! go falcons!!!!!
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