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  1. Hey, it's not like we are going to win a Super Bowl in the next 8 years. 😁
  2. Take 8 years off and come back. That seems to have worked for me.
  3. My sexy as **** little brother just posted in here. Show the old man some love!
  4. The NFL wants this to be a Titans town, but check the bars on Sunday, This is Falcons territory.
  5. DUFF LIVES!!!! All we need now is ejplayer and Ton80Kid. I'll nag then to start posting.
  6. Only if Doug Johnson starts at QB. They are all Fambly.
  7. These boards were around before social media. so this was the only outlet for a lot of the trolls. There was speculation in the org that social media would eventually make this place obsolete. Glad that didn't happen.
  8. Hey buddy. Hope you are doing well. Great to hear from you.
  9. He had some nagging injuries, but just decided to call it quits. It was very low key. He runs a youth charity in Atlanta now.
  10. Doing well. Mostly doing freelance videography work these days.
  11. I think you came with the software Ken. You are like Vision.
  12. Dude, the mods will always have haters no matter what you do or dont do. I never learned my lesson back in the day, and always tried to mend fences and make people happy. So basically, I was a complete idiot.
  13. I tell people that my life is like living in one of those independent films that make no sense.
  14. I will. This place was a mess during the post-Vick years. I'm actually glad to see that ABF forum is gone too. That was a constant bed of flames.
  15. I loved Gazoo, but he would argue and present the most insane statistics. "The Falcons lead the league in Rushing on Sundays between 1:30 and 1:45 PM in domed stadiums when it is raining outside."
  16. I see Stammer on Facebook. BankerBird and I stayed in touch for a ling time, but he went silent about 2 years ago.
  17. Those were so great. I still hear from Dan Levak from time to time. His kid is in college now. And I talk to Clowny and Ton80Kid weekly on Facebook.
  18. I just got burned out on the whole webernet for a while. Decided to finally get out from behind my computer.
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