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  1. im not an alternative acount!!

  2. Go Falcons----have a great draft---see you Rev and everyone at Cheyenne Grill

  3. Is preparing a HUGE Announcement from the FNCO!!

  4. congrats on making the AJC. you make me proud to be a Falcons fan...

  5. Never mind. I saw your Paypal link and submitted my $20.23.

  6. Rev, what do we need to do to send our contribution?

  7. How many people do you average banning in one day?

    What is the purpose, when all they have to do is re-register?

    Why do you ban members that do no wrong?

  8. save me a corndog or two.... dont be greedy revvy rev.

  9. Hey Hal, I like the new board, but almost all my data has been reset to 0.

    You going to make the M&G? It sounded like it from your post.

  10. I'm even more impressed that it's his first post in a five month old thread! NOT..... :w00t: I bet he just got a new IP address,
  11. This was debunked months ago. Quit bumping the old untrue threads.
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