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  1. I guess he caught me on a good day.
  2. LOL FFS70. In our relationship over the years, I have fallen into at least 3 of your categories!.
  3. Alright guys. We all know that swift has gone on rampages before and has been banned multiple times for doing so. We had a good conversation, and he made a promise to tone down the attacks and rhetoric, which he has. In this thread, he has given his objective view on Ryan. I do not know if this thread was an attempt to goad him into an argument or not, and I really dont care. People who are passionate fans of a team, and have enough free time in their lives to spend hours on an internet message board are going to disagree. As long as people agree to play nice, they are allowed to have any opin
  4. I officially hate the boring period between the draft and the pre-season.
  5. I was hoping somebody would get it.
  6. LOL Joe.... but this time last year we were picking out our Super Bowl party menus.
  7. I know we have 9 LB's.... just like we had 9 OL last year.... Are you confident that these guys can actually get the job done?
  8. I like the pick mainly because our coaching staff has already worked with him, and they have dealt with him on the field. That alone is enough for me.
  9. I really wonder if Hester has anything left in the tank. He was nothing special the last few years in Chicago. Almost invisible.
  10. "WOW" implies you have some info to go "WOW" over. Just saying "WOW" with nothing behind it is watching a M. Night Shyamalan movie.
  11. I have not had a new jersey since JA98. I am getting a Matthews jersey.
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