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  1. im not an alternative acount!!

  2. Go Falcons----have a great draft---see you Rev and everyone at Cheyenne Grill

  3. Is preparing a HUGE Announcement from the FNCO!!

  4. $3000 is right around the corner. If the Falcons had beaten the Panthers, we would be at $4500 right now.
  5. Thank you my friend! We are jsut under $2800 now. We will easily pass $3000 once the Ebay auctions are done this week.
  6. if you could give moderators ratings, then we would all be at -45,000,000,000.
  7. Thank you my friend. It is easier to give these people their money back than cause a stink with the orgaization. They are not concerned about the cause, or they would not want their money back. And for every one of them, there is a kevykev and a abrahamburger to make up for them!
  8. No kidding. I just spent a half an hour refunding someone's money because of getting negative feedback on his thread!
  9. Please remember that all records of donations will be verified independantly. I am asking someone withing the Falcons organization to perform that verification.
  10. Morning gang! Closing in on $2700! I hope we hit $3000 today with all of the traffic.
  11. You are rich in spirit, my friend, and just as big a part of this as everyone else.