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  1. Hey man Wilson...I'm sorry but you suck pack your sh!t...okay....okay ..but hey...have a good day
  2. He wasn't gonna be anything in Atlanta....to busy drinking him self to death...
  3. Seriously I like DD....but come on some peoples imagination is running wild ....lets calm down and take it one game at a time...just a few more days till sunday....deep breaths from now on...
  4. But aren't you only able to watch the games after all the sunday gaves are over?
  5. The Falcons have a new offensive coordinator. This prompted their 3rd string QB (John Parker Wilson) to be released after the 2nd preseason game. It also prompted the 2nd string QB (Chris Redman) to be released after the 3rd preseason game. They then signed Luke McCown who did not play in the final preseason game. Rumor has it, some offensive players are unhappy with the new Offensive Coordinator. My hope is, this creates a distraction with the Falcon's offense. The Falcon's offensive coordinator for 2011 is now the head coach for the Jaguars. John Parker Wilson was signed to the Jaguars prac
  6. It would have been even more funny if that was him....lol
  7. Yes....I am and E.M.T/Firefighter....we don't tell people to kill themselves just because we don't agree with something they say or don't like...Now I live in California...we don't get much or pretty much no Falcons coverage over here unless they are playing the Niners or Raiders or its a Nationally televised game...I'm really happy that Pat Hill is the line coach so we might get some kind of coverage...but any way...yes...I always wanna see more....why would I wanna see less highlights?
  8. lol......and i'm the one thats angry and hate my self.....I don't get it.
  9. I was gonna get this just to get the Falcons games.....but since Directv gave me Sunday ticket for free this year I'm a lot happier....maybe I'll give it a try next season.
  10. Then you better learn how to take comments with a grain of salt....not everyone is gonna like your stuff.....you think i'm dogging your video because i was expecting it to be longer from your comment....well maybe you got some serious mental issues you need checked out.
  11. **** calm down....all I was saying is that I was expecting a longer video geez....go ahead a search my comments...and see if you will ever fined even 1 negative comment I have ever said about this team.....I dare you!!!....lmao who's the one with the anger issues geez....that simple comment set you off like if I just talked about your mother....talk about super sensitive.
  12. I like Cowherd.....but some of you people act that just because he says it that it will come true.....geez butt hurt much?
  13. if they do away with the tri color sleeves I'll be happy...
  14. Great....now we have a McClown.....I'll have Big Mac, Large Fries, and Large Sprite...
  15. Well we were the Arizona Falcons against the Ravens....
  16. Okay....so from some of the posts on here....seems like people are angry that he wasn't drafted....news flash....if he would have been drafted he wouldn't be a falcon today...get over it already
  17. if there wasn't any competition JPW would have been cut by now right?.....in my opinion there hasn't been a competition between the the two since the first preseason game.....but its not my opinion that counts....so calm down with your little bug eyed face....
  18. with that throw he also kicked the chair from under JPW....
  19. I'm sorry did my comment make your v a g i n a bleed?
  20. I'm more concerned with all the freaken flags we are getting!!!
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