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  1. We look like crap in this game ...only reasone we aren't getting blown out is because Arizonas offence sucks awesomly bad
  2. so we have won a game with them....fail
  3. Here is the thing....If we had blown out the Redskins, and Raiders out of the stadium we might not have this problem....the panthers I can understand because its a divisional game....oh who am I kidding none of that would have mattered anyway....but I would have felt a lot better if we kicked the crap out of the bad teams and not just skate by with a win.
  4. we need someone to piss in Turners cheerios before a game to get him angry cause it doesn't seem to be any changes coming at the RB position...
  5. actually we were suppose to lose against the cowboys...I'm more worried about the status of Julio....what is going on there?
  6. At first I didn't get it about our logo....but then I was like.....oh now I get it!
  7. I live in cali... And this would normally be a game that would be broadcast here locally....but it isnt.....thank u sunday ticket...i still get to watch it.
  8. I'm not a Cam hater.....but when your team isn't playing well and your down buy that much.....he should shelf that little stupid superman pose cause he looked like crap....If i was a panther fan I would have tossed a bottle at his azz and told him to quit his Sh!t and get his head in the game....but hey I can careless keep doing what your doing Cam....
  9. How will we face them twice this year?....I don't understand that part
  10. I thanked Fresno State for firing him when Fresno state got spanked by the Oregon Ducks....lol
  11. Saw this vid when it was posted a day after he got the haircut...
  12. Really?.....she clearly stated she was an idiot and not much of a football fan....lmao....gets her info from ESPN....what more do you want
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