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  1. please unless u know when that car was purchased u cant make that judgment the child is only 3 months .... He could have bought that car years ago....im not defending this idiot ...he left his child parentless and he has the nerve to go ask one to take care of his child....
  2. Cursed? More like blessed wen it comes to the saints
  3. Never thought I'd hear a bunch of guys wanting to see a vid. of a guy with a hard on....wtf is this board coming too?
  4. Best caption for that pic..... ever!
  5. I didnt turn off the tv but i did cuss the crap out of the tv wen the O kept going 3 and out and Brees kept converting 3rd and long
  6. I thought I could not hate the Saints more....but once I read that they hate puppies its now taken to another level..
  7. looks more like they nutted all over their bus...
  8. Fu@k the Snakes I will never root for those sh!t stains....
  9. Maybe it was just karma coming to cash in on the Suh kick to the Schaub nuts.
  10. Our offense can score we need a defense that keeps the other team out of the end zone and kicks their teeth in.
  11. As much as this makes sence....i just can not get my self to cheer for that crap of an organization called the Saints.....I also hate the niners being that I live in California...your either a niner or a raider and ever since the Falcons moved to the NFC South I hate the niners less then the saints.
  12. I want us to destroy the Sh!t Stains in the dome on prime time tv.....we can lose against the Bucs and not be as pissed as if we were to lose to those mother ******* again!!!!!!
  13. Atlanta looks better offensively on the road, the defense plays better and they score more points too. In their away games, the Falcons have outscored their opponents 148-92. Through five games they have averaged 29.6 points per game on the road and only allow 18.4. While Atlanta wins comfortably on the road, their home games are another story. It is a good thing the Georgia Dome is pretty cold on the inside because Atlanta does a great job of making their fans sweat it out at home. Every game the Falcons have played at home has been a nail-biter of some sorts. In their 27-21 win over the Denv
  14. Can we quit bringing that F@cking guys name up .....he is not a Falcon so fu@k that guy.
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