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  1. hahaha......I bet Victor Cruz will get all B utt hurt if he saw that....wawawa
  2. My wife is a Giants fan....she's not very happy....she even busted out the 1 and done "card".....lmao
  3. And please infect with a virus all the computers of the cry baby B!tch fans if we end up losing this game....
  4. I really don't give a F@ck what anyone says....but you are right
  5. A wise man once told me.....quit b!tching about stuff u can't change or have no control over.
  6. could it be that our defense was actually confused but just got lucky? Lol cause we havent seen them do it since
  7. Lets get a running back that can get in rhythm with about 3 carries .....tired of all this 20 carries to the rhythm BS....defenses stop his azz cause after the first carrie they tell each other "dont worry guys he needs 19 more caries to break a big run" lmao
  8. Its time to quit crying about getting no respect and start going and earning some!
  9. We should do whatever the fans like or else the falcons will never win a superbowl....
  10. not very good at reading and comprehension are you?
  11. granted we look like crap but **** u sound like about the biggest b!tch of a fan out there
  12. this is nice but we still haven't even played for the first one yet geez....
  13. its @ carolina so we should destroy them in their house....no trap here....
  14. I bet that if atlanta beats the giants it wont be a big deal and the giants will be a top five team ....and atlanta will drop to number 10 in the power rankings .....
  15. i really wished someone was there to talk him out of shooting his girlfriend .....
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