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  1. I used to be a Niner/Raider fan being that I'm from California....but in 91 I became a Falcon fan and haven't looked back....a few years back I wrestled my wife out of the grips of the Niner fandum and she was in limbo for a few years almost becoming a Falcon fan...Because of the whole Vick thing I lost her to the Giants....She is now a big fan of Victor Cruz and I can't stand that Salsa dance he does all the **** time....she was all pissed off when my Falcons kicked her Giants ***.....she went as far as saying we are going to be one and done....lmao......so I started salsaing all over the hou
  2. i wasn't getting it either but then i put my dirty mind to work and then i got it
  3. I ordered it from china for like 40.00 and its freaken awesome.....got me a Julio Jones too
  4. ebay.....I got this jersey from china for about 30.00
  5. Only on this board will people argue about who is the best WR when they both play for the same team....come on now ....
  6. Not our problem so who gives a f@ck..... And no i dont give a f@ck i just wanted to add to my post count.
  7. I hear matt got a cup as an early christmas present
  8. Sorry for ur loss CB and keep us posted if they not only catch the murder and also that idiot that was posting his ignorant trash....
  9. Really your that big of a B!tch ?....really.....this is why you Sh!t stain Fans are so hated...GTFO!
  10. thats wat i was thinking....someone should be there to b!tch slap that type of negative thinking!
  11. It will suck for you if all you recorded was static...
  12. the one were he is on the stationary bike was way funnier
  13. Lets not over react it was not that funny....at first i thought they were wrapping christmas presents....
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