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  1. "Coach Mike Smith went full ******"

    "Brees is nothing but a stat padder and is not good"

    "Geno Smith is not great college QB and talented"

    "Dirk K is like MM who is a good OC and terrible coach"

    "Kerry Mrier is the next Jerry Rice"

    "Cam Newton and Sam Bradford suck"

    "Dominique Davis sucks and has no potential."

    "Ryan is an elite top 3 QB and makes his players better" stopit.png

    Over my three years I seen heavy dosage of ******** opinions. These take the cake.

    what is all this "we" crap ....just because some fans have an opinion about some players it doesnt mean the majority think the same....once u quit using "********" in ur posts i might take u more serious....
  2. Dont mean to rain on the parade. But i have a bad omen... Im a sf giants fan.. in 2010 we won the world series. The falcons were 13-3 and the 1 seed. 2012... world series champs.. falcons 13-3 and the 1 seed.. doesnt really matter if ur not into the supersticion thing. Just sayin

    This is football not baseball...and F*ck the Giants
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