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  1. This all means nothing....all that needs to happen is for our falcons to play like their life's depended on a win!
  2. 698 is the only number you can add to 1300 to get 1998.....
  3. I agree.....I care about this team winning a superbowl so Tony can retire with a ring....
  4. Before you go to sleep you stay up for an hour wondering why no one likes you or wants to be around you and to this day your still to stupid to know why...
  5. there is no way he was invited to any christmas parties
  6. Madera california here but i dont facebook.....i wish i could go to this game....my last game was wen vick was QB and Mora was coach ....we were gonna go to niner vs falcons game every year till they moved to the NFC South i was very pissed.
  7. saint fan acting like a falcon fan this is easy to see.
  8. Why dont u wait till we lose before u go crying like a little bi tch that we are going 0-4 in the playoffs...h ell at least wait till kick off.
  9. Oh gee cause if we do win the superbowl this will keep me up at night ......f@ck wat everyone else thinks!
  10. Oh yea i almost forgot..........nooooooooooooooo! Not Nolan!!!!!!! Blank better not let him go!
  11. what is all this "we" crap ....just because some fans have an opinion about some players it doesnt mean the majority think the same....once u quit using "********" in ur posts i might take u more serious....
  12. U guys can argue all u want about how the schedual is set up.....i just hope im able to go to atlanta vs san fran game
  13. This is football not baseball...and F*ck the Giants
  14. Im an EMT and the ankl injury is a cover up for a groing injury and maybe a finger to the eye.
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