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  1. I have been saying for the last few years that we need to do a ground up rebuild and just get it over with. I know we would have to suffer for a while but guess what we are. We have some big money being paid out to some talented players but still nothing to show for it. Let's just get it over with already
  2. Optimistic that one year hopefully before I die I will get to enjoy a superbowl win. For now I will just keep rolling my eyes and turning the channel
  3. Are we just the practice squad of the entire NFL
  4. I know we have problems on both sides of the ball but how can all the bad calls go against one team. This is too obvious. I didn't expect us to win but when we have the zebras working for the other team we really don't have a chance
  5. This quickly lol this has been going on for some time
  6. We have such talented players how is it we get worse every year
  7. He has been missing high on a lot of his passes this year. What is going on with our 2016 mvp
  8. United we stand. Divided we fall. It puts a knot in the pit of my stomach to see people not standing for the national anthem. The NFL can't survive without the fans and if these players keep alienating the fans some will stop paying the ridiculous prices for the tickets
  9. Why do we hang on to this guy. We could have won this 1. There is no excuses for the time management problem. If smith is done then just leave and don't drag our team deeper in the gutter.we r lacking some talent but today we fought back to take the lead and our kick should have come with 5 sec left. We r done with u so don't let the door hit u on the way out
  10. well a true fan can't stand to see his or her team lose. It means something to us
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