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  1. I would assume Ragland fell due to teams not thinking he is a 3 down backer and the fact that hours before the draft, doctors came out and said he hand an enlarged aorta in his heart.
  2. Ddoes TD call KC and inquire about Berry? Or do we just stay and pick De in 2nd and hope to find a gem later or a safety after June 1st cuts?
  3. Mack is one of the top centers in the game, and he is only 28. Our major issue with the line up the middle Mack fixes this instantly.
  4. could be more of a way the money gets paid out or with bonuses or workout clauses. Point is Mack is pretty much letting Cleveland he does not want to be there and trying to find a way out of there.
  5. Agent is reporting if a team wants him, he is confident that he can structure a contract that CLE will not match. Was listening to sports talk radio my way home (live near CLE) and they are going nuts... Confirmed by Peter King on twitter
  6. I live near cleveland and rumors (smokescreen?) is that Ray Farmer (GM) is leaning toward a non QB - Watkins/Clowney and then taking a QB with their 2nd 1st rounder (Carr). there are also talks of CLE passing on Carr and going for Mettenburger later and letting Hoyer run the show this season... So CLE taking a QB #4 is not a lock. Honestly I would say from everything I have heard/read that they will want Watkins.
  7. And if you remember correctly TD said that if we wouldnt have made the trade with CLE for Julio, Gabe would have been our pick.
  8. i think its awesome.. the last part makes it awesome.. the max our rookies can earn over their rookie contract is 15.736 Million. Rookie contracts are for 4 years.. now look at TB - theirs is at 33.9 million.. meaning over the same time frame, we will spend less on rookies and more towards vets that have already proved it. :-)
  9. he was due 17 million this year.. so they cut him. i watched a few cards games last year. He played well. I also wanted him out of college he was the "franchise LT" coming out that year.
  10. Automatically he jumps to the best OT available, right? do we go after him to play the LT? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/12/levi-brown-out-in-arizona/
  11. i love how everyone who is against says its just something to do in madden.. there are coaches that go out there and defer.. it does help some teams.. some teams make great adjustments at half so they like getting it the 2nd half.. other (like coach smith) like to get it 1st and try to be the 1st to put points on the board.. if it were me, i hope he kicks or we lose the coin toss and have to kick.. i think it works out better for us..
  12. it just seems as we give up a TD going right into half (just like our Monday night game vs the Aints..) and go down and then give up a TD right out of the gate which forces our offense to play differently then the coaches would want.. i mean it was what 10-14 with 2 minutes left in the 2nd then they score going into the half making it 10-21 then they get the ball and make it 10-28... at that point we hav to pass to try to keep up.. if we would have gotten the ball at half, we could have tried to run/pass to get it to 17-21 much diffent outcome.
  13. I really hope we get the ball after Half.. i hate getting it to start the game.. yeah its nice to go try to get the 1st score but i have noticed a trend (mainly against Saints and other good teams) we give the ball up with 2-3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter in a close game, they score then get the ball in the 2nd half and score again.. and in doing that they make us more 1 dimensonal.. yes i know if we could stop them on that last drive or the opening drive of the 2nd half it wouldnt matter but we usually dont.. i want the ball at the start of the 3rd.. Just sayin'
  14. i just looked again and they changed it.. we play denver in denver
  15. i pulled the list straight from the falcons site, so unless they messed it up.. i dunno what to tell you.
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