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  1. ballgame! who would have thought we not have a chance at the division!
  2. i was standing in the other room watching because i couldn't stand to sit down anymore. you can see from my dining room all the way to my tv on the wall in the living room, so i was just standing in one spot watching from the blocked punt til the FG in OT. sitting down was not working for me anymore.
  3. the announcers even pointed out that he was back after 7 weeks missed.
  4. i agree. for all intents and purposes, the playoffs start sunday.
  5. agree completely. we are still sitting OK, and we have a much easier schedule than other teams who will be fighting for a plyoff position. stop whining and get ready for tampa. NO is over.
  6. as stupid as this sounds, i was actually getting "MAD" at some of the stuff he was doing. i say that because it was SO unbelievably incredible and amazing, i just kept thinking over and over HOW can this guy be a freaking rookie. it just doesn't seem possible.... especially the FG drive where we had multiple penalties and converted 3 third downs. he made some throws that just make me shake my head.
  7. i say we want tampa to lose because we play them again and can pull even with them if they lose tomorrow night and we beat them next weekend. and carolina has tough games coming up that they can lose.
  8. sorry that ball was catchable. it was IN his hands. there was no "fingertips" involved. should have caught it. then end. we lose because of it. changed the whole momentum.
  9. this just in. he took himself out of the game yet again after a 12 yard run. he said he was winded and needed a breather.
  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3747957
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