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  1. I can't wait to see Julio or C Rid Beat this cat, putting people in the humble business is what we do. #RiseUP
  2. My feelings as well. Maybe game situations, liked when quick scores are needed.
  3. Alot of people think Jacksons old (29) or "Worn out", but what he does for this offense, will take us from 7th, to top 3. Top 5 at worst. Hes played for the Rams, THE RAMS, when everyone game planned for him, and still got his K. Hes going to be motivated so much knowing he can win, and go deep into the playoff. Now lets just beef up the lines!
  4. Say NO to PSLs!

  5. I was reading some of the info on the new stadium details, and the idea of PSLs, Do you have to buy a PSL for each seat, or just one per account? Ive been a STH for 8 years, and with 3 kids, i can barely afford to do that, much less pay 1,000 or 2,000 per seat, Now, im not so excited about this. http://ireader.olivesoftware.com/Olive/iReader/AtlantaJournal/SharedArticle.ashx?document=AJC%5C2013%5C02%5C24&article=Ar02103 9. If the stadium costs $1 billion to build, how would the Falcons and other private sources come up with their $800 million portion? The NFL would contribute up to $200
  6. either way, this is hands down the best WR core in franchise history, and we are just getting started!
  7. Yeah thats been my feeling too, ive been to camp, and i live near rome, ga, so i made the trip to dalton, Cone is motivated and ready, i had a nice chat with him in dalton, and he gave me his gloves and signed him, so im pulling for the guy.. When JPW was in, Cone was beating guys silly.... and wilson never even saw him :x ... #drewdavisforqb3
  8. I noticed cone on special teams all night, but also noticed Davis come in at Wideout first, i nkow its a tight race, and davis made a couple nice plays, but couldnt control through the whole play, but Kevin Cone was open ALL night once he got in, i cant wait to see him with someone who can get him the ball, Who you think wins it out, is possible to carry 6, i doubt it, but with cone on special teams, it looks like he might have a spot. What you guys think, who wins out?
  9. Indeed. This is the best ive seen jerry start, lets hope he keeps at it, i also liked what i saw from Mass96 ...
  10. LMAO. Poser. So ones "behavioral", is not a "chemical balance" issue?? Your telling me ones behavior is not a reaction from the chemicals in ones brain, the balance thereof. I can translate your ******** talk just fine.
  11. You got a ****** up way at looking a life is what i get from that, i been on these boards since '99 years and i dont know you bro, but try being optimistic, for once.
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