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  1. I’ve seen a few articles with quotes from a press conference. Anybody seen video of said press conference?
  2. Who else would be the interim? It’s him or Morris. Don’t think either would be likely to get the job long term. But you’d KNOW by the end of their interim term, and could move on without losing the clubhouse.
  3. You fire Quinn tomorrow. Name Koetter the interim, he still calls plays. He has a 14 week audition for the job while trying to salvage the season. If he earns it, great, we don’t have to install a new offensive coordinator AGAIN (4 in 7 years). If he doesn’t, you confidently hire best available offensive mind, for one final push with the end of Matt and Julios career. (2021-2023)
  4. Man. Does anybody around here remember the old “3 am club” on nights before game days. It was epic.
  5. Did you watch the falcons at all this year? We did the exact same thing that we did all year being up 15+ in the 4th quarter. The real obvious one was week 17 against the saints. Yes, it seems dumb to give up that yardage. But it's intentional to make their drives take 4-6 minutes to score, and you take up 2-3 minutes on offense.
  6. Dude. You realize that we schemed our defense to do that right? Yes, they were exhausted by the final drive/OT, but there are very simple formulas for how much you are up by and how much time is left. And we were going to give them 6-12 yard plays the entire 4th quarter. Because the numbers say if we just run the ball 3 times on all of our possessions, they won't be able to catch up. The lack of communication/synergy between Kyle/Smith/Quinn caused this. Our defense played a style that depended on our offense to run 2 minutes off the clock on all 3 possessions we'd get offensively. We faile
  7. I wanna say it was somewhere around 2006-2009 era. Tonight reminds me of the board back in those days. oh boy. Won't be sleeping much tonight. Let's do this.
  8. 4th and 5th actually. Even more incredible. (Tamme, Hooper, Toilolo, Perkins, DJ)
  9. I like Alford...He's a reactive, instinctive guy. Meaning he'll make plays like he did in OT, just reacting to the play. (Which is why Quinn keeps his system simple, so guys can do that and play fast). However, I'm not sure I see him as the answer opposite Tru. Tru is shutdown. He'll be a falcon for a long time. I just see Quinn wanting a guy more like Collins to be that #2. Big, physical, off the charts measurables. Rocky just doesn't have that. He's got speed, but not the rest of those skills. He'd be an elite nickle cb, and as much as we play it, that'd be amazing. I just see him having h
  10. If personalized is an option, do it. Worth it.
  11. The words "Julio" and "bust" should never appear next to each other.
  12. If you've ever played corner, you know it's fairly difficult to swap sides play to play. I always preferred sticking on one side. It's the equivalent of swapping your left/right guard or tackle play to play. Different hands, mirrored footwork, which linebacker is underneath, it's just a lot more than simply following a guy and playing exactly the same. I think it sets up guys like Alford to succeed. and has shown guys like Sherman and Maxwell to be studs. And Maxwell has now shown us that his play was probably dictated more by that scheme than his actual ability.
  13. Honestly. Moore's hit won us the game. I knew it'd be fined immediately. But You know that hit had to rattle Matthews when he was going over the middle against Worrilow on the last play. If he's confident there, he makes that catch, gets laid out by Worrilow and the drive continues.
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