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  1. Of all the dishes I have ever cooked for family and friends the overwhelming favorite is chicken wings. I get hounded constantly to cook them, so I just give them recipe. I stumbled upon this because I make this sauce for my pulled pork and had so much left over once that I decided to take a chance on using this as a wing marinade. Many have said these are the best wings they have ever had. The flavor profile is unmatched at any wing place you will ever visit. First make the marinade... 2 cups Cider Vinegar (whatever you like). 1 cup ketchup. 1/2 cup hot sauce. 2 tbsp
  2. The thing about picking blue crabs is that you need to make it a part of a backyard event. You let the crabs chase the kids around for a while, them little b@$T###s are mean. You then sit down at a picnic table, spread some brown paper, turn on some music, and then enjoy the crabs and the company. You have to know how to pick them or you will throwing good meat away. My 12 year old granddaughter leaves nothing by using small scissors, but there are endless techniques. I still think the Blues from the Chesapeake Bay (especially the no.1 Jimmy`s) is the best crab meat in the land.
  3. Marie Osmond. Find one who has aged better.
  4. It`s time to leave the queers alone. It`s 2014 for Christ`s sake.
  5. Brandy (Your a fine girl) - Looking Glass Act Naturally - Buck Owens Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
  6. How about a family with a pregnant woman visiting America when she unexpectedly gives birth. Is the kid a US citizen with full health care rights?
  7. I believe most Americans would gladly fork over higher premiums in order to cover illegal aliens. Where is your compassion Diesel?
  8. When I think about the Crimea, I think of Hampton Roads which is so heavily tied to the military and military dollars. Crimea has a rich history with the Russian Navy and its citizens and politicians in Kiev trying to evict them from this region will never happen. If there ever was some kind of similar situation in this country where politicians hundreds of miles away were trying to evict the US Navy from Hampton Roads I can tell you there would be a major conflict that would go down.
  9. This type of stimulus spending is something we all should support.
  10. I`m vested in 2 "private" pensions but I am just as worried about those funds getting withered away by mismanagement as those who have public funded pensions. It`s a heckuva dilemma, the only thing I can think of is forced savings with investment options. Everyone is on their own. Businesses and public agencies need to get out of the pension business altogether.
  11. Russia will never give up the Crimea and the people in that region will never accept kicking the Russians out. America can bluster in public all they want but this is one fight we can`t win. I predict in the end Crimea will either become its own nation or become annexed into Russia. Either way, what effect does it have on America? None. Stay out of it, whine all you want, but stay out of it.
  12. Just make a deal. No Mexican Flags or apparel on Independence day in this country or you get beat up. I`m down with it.
  13. It is not unusual on job sites that have extraordinary parking/security issues to have an agreement where you walk in on your time and walk out on theirs. This seems like a more extreme example than most of the jobs I worked on though and if I was working out of that Local I would fight it too. No way I would want to give that much without something in return.
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