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  1. Of all the dishes I have ever cooked for family and friends the overwhelming favorite is chicken wings. I get hounded constantly to cook them, so I just give them recipe. I stumbled upon this because I make this sauce for my pulled pork and had so much left over once that I decided to take a chance on using this as a wing marinade. Many have said these are the best wings they have ever had. The flavor profile is unmatched at any wing place you will ever visit. First make the marinade... 2 cups Cider Vinegar (whatever you like). 1 cup ketchup. 1/2 cup hot sauce. 2 tbsp
  2. The thing about picking blue crabs is that you need to make it a part of a backyard event. You let the crabs chase the kids around for a while, them little b@$T###s are mean. You then sit down at a picnic table, spread some brown paper, turn on some music, and then enjoy the crabs and the company. You have to know how to pick them or you will throwing good meat away. My 12 year old granddaughter leaves nothing by using small scissors, but there are endless techniques. I still think the Blues from the Chesapeake Bay (especially the no.1 Jimmy`s) is the best crab meat in the land.
  3. Marie Osmond. Find one who has aged better.
  4. I have little free time anymore, sorry for the late response. Currently helping plan the IKE PIA. You still working Civil Service/Consulting, or whatever is was you were doing before?
  5. Trump has a majority of the Labor vote in the Rust belt. THAT is why he won the election. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, you know the rest. As long as he keeps that vote by providing jobs he will win again. If not he will go down in spectacular fashion. All this other jibber jabber means very little.
  6. Trudeau is on board with this, his citizens need to get with the program.
  7. I think you are going find out that Trump has policies that will win him over in many different voting sectors. I was a Union worker for most of my working life and most of my Union friends are now supporting Trump. It is the biggest reason why he won the election because their vote turned blue states Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin red. There is no reason to believe that will change because his policies address their problems. Immigration issues play well in most states, his pharmaceutical policies play well with practically all Americans. The left has been left behind. God help Democra
  8. Not a fan of some of the bait he puts out. That said, he does this to create diversions. The latest example is the threat to send in the Feds to clean up Chicago. Watch how much of the Media`s energy this will expend.
  9. What is amazing is that we have seen Trump`s strategy for 2 years now and we continue to be amazed by it. The ADD media can`t focus for more than a day on any issue and it`s "down the rabbit hole" they go. I saw MSNBC a few minutes ago and they were asking Washington lawmakers "can`t we slow down a little bit"? This is lawmaking on an unprecedented level. It`s like a centerfielder trying to deal with a dozen fly balls at the same time.
  10. For me it is all about policy. I have to live with Trump`s antics because in the end he gets us where we need to go. I`m no different than most other partisans.
  11. Trump has mounted a full out blitzkrieg while at the same time has the media chasing rabbits down a hole. The left cannot mount a solid front on any area because when they do he pushes a hot button issue that scatters them like roaches. It`s as if the left are hungry lions chasing a pack of zebras and end up exhausted and hungry. I don`t care who you are, this strategy is brilliant.
  12. I`m still at NNSY. I went from a knuckle draggin pipe fitter to a Nuc Zone Manager on the Carriers that come in the yard. It`s hard to re-invent yourself in your 50`s but I have them all fooled. I am now stressed to the max and never get a moments peace but the GS pay is good. After I get my high three I`m taking an early retirement in 4 years (if I`m not dead first). Other than that life is great!
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