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  1. Hooper (3rd), Campbell (4th) and Schweitzer (6th) were all from class of 2016. Add in Debo (2nd) and Keanu (1st). Wow, what a class!!
  2. In: Fowler (APY = $16m) - probably a 3rd rounder Out (so far): Hooper (APY = $11m) - probably a 4th rounder Beasley - APY - $9.5 mil - 4th rounder Campbell - APY - "up to" $8.5m, probably less - 4th or 5th rounder Schweitzer - APY - $4.5m - 5th or 6th rounder So far - Fowler would cancel out Hooper, but Falcons would get a 4th for Beasley, and probably a 5th for Campbell and a 6th for Schweitzer. Not bad...
  3. He is 100% inept and bottom of the barrel at picking players in the draft and FA that play on the OL and DL. He has never signed in free agency or drafted a multi year successful pass rusher in 13 years. Not true - OL - Matthews, Lindstrom, Schroeder (got Mack in FA, got Levitre via trade - LIndstrom and McGary are promising) DL - Beasley had 2 seasons with 8+ sacks on rookie contract. Waaaaaay less than a superstar, but still not too bad. Grady has averaged 6+ sacks per year and is a superstar. Pretty good pick! Dimi even traded up to get him. Agreed that there have been some misses, but it's not "100% inept" - Not even close.
  4. I like the guy - one of top 10 GMs in league. Probably not top 5, though. 1) We have NEVER had a QB problem. Don't underestimate this issue. The Vick debacle was a terrible thing from which to recover. How many teams can make the same claim? Maybe 5 in league? 2) Until this year, managed the cap very well. Little dead money and mostly had plenty of cap room to make moves. 3) Draft selections have been above average. Fewer home runs that I would like - but they are there - Ryan, Julio, Grady, Debo, Jake Matthews, maybe Keanu Neal...Not bad. Focus, until recently, was on skill positions, not on line as much. 2019 draft was line-heavy (Lindstrom, McGary and Cominsky) to try and fix o-line. If that solidifies, we are in good shape. 4) Trading has been very good. Got Gonzalez for a 2, traded Sanu for a 2, traded for Julio. Traded for Levitre. Traded for Asante Samuel, Sambrailo VERY good record. Not one bad trade. 5) Free agency - probably his biggest weakness. Had some successes (Turner, Poe, Irvin, Crawford), but lots of whiffs. Overall, a pretty good record. I guess he should trade more...lol
  5. I like Parkinson as the TE option. Parkinson is 6'7". His biggest "weakness" is the lack of long speed. With Julio and Ridley (and Gage) able to go deep, that is not as big an issue. A 6'7" guy who is smart (Stanford!!!) for possession. He will be available in the 4th, though.
  6. Remember this is a thought experiment. Question 1) - what do Falcons need to get the killer o-line? ----> If they get the o-line done, do they REALLY need anything else on O? Question 2) Can you rebuild the D without the first rounder, but with all the other picks? ----> Can you rebuild the D with two 2's, a 3, a 4 and a 5?
  7. Not advocating this, but let's do a thought experiment. Draft Mekhi Becton (6' 7" 369 lbs!!!) with round 1-#16 as a RT and move McGary to guard. What an o-line we would have!! Frankly, we could spend the rest of our draft capital on D.
  8. "Explosive" in 2011 - Draft Julio Jones "Game Wrecker" in 2019 - Draft Javon Kinlaw,
  9. Many teams are hurting on o-line. TD overpaid for two guards in FA. Look for a trade during preseason for one of the guards. Gets us a 2020 5th or 6th and frees up salary cap, because we need relief. Might allow us to keep one more guy that would otherwise leave (Campbell?, Hooper?, Sanu?)
  10. My prediction is Montez Sweat. Then we trade up to get Dexter Lawrence at the end of 1st, top 2nd.
  11. What a great video! Shows why Atlanta is interested in Ed Oliver.
  12. Let's play out the scenario - Falcons trade up to #3 for Quinnen Williams - give up 14, 45, 137 and next year's second. How does that play out? At DT, Falcons would have Q and Grady. How does that change the defense? 1) significant pressure with a front four - leaving 7 in coverage - should lead to more picks and more 3rd down stops. 2) In a nickel package - our back 7 would be: Neal, Allen, Oliver, Kazee, Trufant, Jones and Oluokun. Yikes, that's strong. 3) more interior pressure will lead to more sacks from Takk and Beasley. 4) It would change the identity of the defense 5) It would completely signal to the team that this is THE year. (like NO last year with the trade up to get Davenport) I know it's expensive, but I would be all in for this. Quinnen Williams is a potential Gold Jacket player. Worth every penny if it comes to fruition. We have the draft capital, whether it's this year's or next year's (
  13. I don't want to ship Julio - I love the guy (see title in post). What I am doing is showing what's possible. Everyone recognizes that he is drama-free and very valuable. Like any stock, you should always buy low and sell high. The more I think about it, the more I think he's worth more than a 1 and a 2. Maybe a 1, a 2 and next year's 1. (remember also, the cap savings...)
  14. Julio, AB and OBJ - 3 best receivers in league (maybe add in DeAndre Hopkins...). What would the haul be if Julio was traded? OBJ generated a mid 1, a 3 and a solid player. Julio is perceived to be even better, so let's say he's traded for a mid 1 and a 2. (let's use Denver as an example) First, it would clear cap room to sign Deion Jones, Keanu Neal and Austin Hooper. Without deciding on moving one of the heavy cap people, we are in trouble with the cap. WR would now be - Calvin Ridley (WR1), Mohammed Sanu (WR2) and either draft pick or FA (Hardy?) That would give us 1-10, 1-14 2-41, 2-45 3- 79 2 4's and 2 5's Imagine drafting in first round - Jonah Williams (new RT) and Ed Oliver (new IDL) Second round - Chris Lindstrom or Dalton Risner or Garrett Bradbury (new LG) and Rock Ya-Sin (new CB3) Third round - D'Andre Walker or Chase Winovich (EDGE) Fourth round - Mecole Hardman (KR/WR4) and Bryce Love (new RB3) Fifth round - Foster Moreau (TE3) and Kendall Joseph (LB4) What a frickin' haul that would be. Two anchors on the O-Line, two on the D-line and key players at CB, RB, KR and EDGE. All 9 players would be cheap for the first 3-4 years, WR: Ridley, Sanu, Hardy? and Hardman O-Line: Mack at C, Matthews and Williams at OT (Sambrailo as swing Tackle), Lindstrom and Carpenter as G (backups Brown and Schweitzer). RB: Freeman, Smith and Love. TE: Hooper, Saubert and Moreau On D: DE - McKinley, Beasley, Irvin and Walker DT - Jarrett, Oliver, Senat and Crawford (Wow!) LB - Jones, Campbell, Oluokun (with Riley and Joseph as backups) CB - Trufant, Oliver, Ya-Sin, Kazee (Wow!) S- Neal, Allen We would have a very young, exciting team, with only at QB and C with starters over 30. (and only Sanu and Trufant between 28 and 29)