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  1. One pick for, two lost fumbles. Poor punting and gave up a long return. And still won. Wish AJ had gotten the pick instead of the DPI, but that was a nice win.
  2. There is a terrific podcast called Inside Football with Bill Polian. Fascinating insights on players. One of the things he talked about in the episode about Salary Cap Management is that studies show that a Super Bowl team needs at least "12 Blues". A Blue is defined as one of the best at their position - don't have to be ProBowl level, but have to be pretty good - good enough to be worth a big contract. Polian also says that on O, you need 1 QB, 2 receivers (WR/TE mix), a RB, a C and a LT as a Blue. On D, depends on scheme, but a rule of thumb is 2 DEs, a "3 technique" a Will LB, a SS and one more secondary guy. (Polian is a vet of Tampa 3, which de-emphasized CBs). Interestingly, he said WC or Shanahan offense, you don't need a top QB or Blue RBs, but you have to have a Blue TE, and the C and both T's need to be Blue. A "Seattle System on D" requires more Blues on D - 2 DEs, 3 Tech, 2 LBs, 1 CB and 2 safeties. - 8 Blues!!! Wow. Polian implies that "Seattle Style" requires more $ investment on D. My thoughts on the Falcons - they are built for a Super Bowl run to a T: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Jake Matthews, Alex Mack and Chris Lindstrom are Blues. Todd Gurley is one, if healthy. Players with Blue potential, but are not - Hayden Hurst, Kaleb McGary and Matt Hennessey. That's 6 or 7 Blues with 3 reds with an upside. Pretty good. On D, Atlanta's Blues on the D-line are Grady Jarrett and Dante Fowler. Takk is red with upside. So is Marlon Davidson. Maybe Cominsky. Tyler Davison is a red, no upside At LB, only Deion Jones. At S, Keanu Neal is Blue. Kazee is close. Allen is a red. At CB, AJ Terrell is a Blue. Iaisah Oliver is a red with upside, as is Sheffield. Takk, Davidson, Cominsky, Kazee and Oliver as reds with potential. I count 8 definite Blues, 2 unproven (Lindstrom and Terrell). Neal and Gurley making it 12 if recovered from Injury. We need some of the reds with upside to step up for us to make the run.
  3. One benefit of the virus - less groupthink and a more surprising and entertaining draft. Groupthink flows from all people interacting at pro days and distilling info up. There will be less than normal groupthink, so more "strange" picks. It will be GREAT! Ask yourself :1) How do you know that Justin Herbert is better than Jordan Love or Jake Fromm? 2) What makes Isaiah Simmons so much better than Kenneth Murray, or Patrick Queen or even Jordyn Brooks?3) Why do some prospects rise during Combine and Pro Day workouts - Mike Mamula?, John Ross?, Eli Apple? Vernon Hargraves? Jamaal Anderson? The top half of the 2015 draft, only have 3 of the 16 are still with their same team! You guys have any good examples of AFMB groupthink being horribly wrong?
  4. The prospect of TL (and JF) in the 2021 draft means that many teams (Carolina, Jags, NE(!) will be trying to trade for first round picks for 2021 "Lotto Tickets" - it makes 2021 first round pics WAAAAY more valuable. No one knows which team will earn the #1 pick. Having lots of lotto tickets will be very valuable, both for a chance to draft Trevor Lawrence (& JF) Since the Falcons are set with Matt Ryan for many years AND because TD and DQ are in the hot seat - they will most likely trade next year for this year. Look for Falcons to keep their 2020 #2, but forego their 2021 #1 if they trade up. Lotto Tickets have extra value this year.
  5. I expect a top 10 all time offense. 1) MVP quality QB in second year in system 2) Superior o-line. Matthews, Mack and Lindstrom as probable Pro-Bowlers. 3) HOF wideout, along with another WR1 as a WR2. WR3, TE1 and RB1 are terrific receivers as well. 4) Lots of 6 and 7 (and 5!) man boxes for our run game; for both Gurley and the others.
  6. No luck. Can you email to me? ssharabura@gmail.com thanks
  7. Hooper (3rd), Campbell (4th) and Schweitzer (6th) were all from class of 2016. Add in Debo (2nd) and Keanu (1st). Wow, what a class!!
  8. In: Fowler (APY = $16m) - probably a 3rd rounder Out (so far): Hooper (APY = $11m) - probably a 4th rounder Beasley - APY - $9.5 mil - 4th rounder Campbell - APY - "up to" $8.5m, probably less - 4th or 5th rounder Schweitzer - APY - $4.5m - 5th or 6th rounder So far - Fowler would cancel out Hooper, but Falcons would get a 4th for Beasley, and probably a 5th for Campbell and a 6th for Schweitzer. Not bad...
  9. He is 100% inept and bottom of the barrel at picking players in the draft and FA that play on the OL and DL. He has never signed in free agency or drafted a multi year successful pass rusher in 13 years. Not true - OL - Matthews, Lindstrom, Schroeder (got Mack in FA, got Levitre via trade - LIndstrom and McGary are promising) DL - Beasley had 2 seasons with 8+ sacks on rookie contract. Waaaaaay less than a superstar, but still not too bad. Grady has averaged 6+ sacks per year and is a superstar. Pretty good pick! Dimi even traded up to get him. Agreed that there have been some misses, but it's not "100% inept" - Not even close.
  10. I like the guy - one of top 10 GMs in league. Probably not top 5, though. 1) We have NEVER had a QB problem. Don't underestimate this issue. The Vick debacle was a terrible thing from which to recover. How many teams can make the same claim? Maybe 5 in league? 2) Until this year, managed the cap very well. Little dead money and mostly had plenty of cap room to make moves. 3) Draft selections have been above average. Fewer home runs that I would like - but they are there - Ryan, Julio, Grady, Debo, Jake Matthews, maybe Keanu Neal...Not bad. Focus, until recently, was on skill positions, not on line as much. 2019 draft was line-heavy (Lindstrom, McGary and Cominsky) to try and fix o-line. If that solidifies, we are in good shape. 4) Trading has been very good. Got Gonzalez for a 2, traded Sanu for a 2, traded for Julio. Traded for Levitre. Traded for Asante Samuel, Sambrailo VERY good record. Not one bad trade. 5) Free agency - probably his biggest weakness. Had some successes (Turner, Poe, Irvin, Crawford), but lots of whiffs. Overall, a pretty good record. I guess he should trade more...lol
  11. I like Parkinson as the TE option. Parkinson is 6'7". His biggest "weakness" is the lack of long speed. With Julio and Ridley (and Gage) able to go deep, that is not as big an issue. A 6'7" guy who is smart (Stanford!!!) for possession. He will be available in the 4th, though.
  12. Remember this is a thought experiment. Question 1) - what do Falcons need to get the killer o-line? ----> If they get the o-line done, do they REALLY need anything else on O? Question 2) Can you rebuild the D without the first rounder, but with all the other picks? ----> Can you rebuild the D with two 2's, a 3, a 4 and a 5?
  13. Not advocating this, but let's do a thought experiment. Draft Mekhi Becton (6' 7" 369 lbs!!!) with round 1-#16 as a RT and move McGary to guard. What an o-line we would have!! Frankly, we could spend the rest of our draft capital on D.
  14. "Explosive" in 2011 - Draft Julio Jones "Game Wrecker" in 2019 - Draft Javon Kinlaw,
  15. Many teams are hurting on o-line. TD overpaid for two guards in FA. Look for a trade during preseason for one of the guards. Gets us a 2020 5th or 6th and frees up salary cap, because we need relief. Might allow us to keep one more guy that would otherwise leave (Campbell?, Hooper?, Sanu?)
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