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  1. Maybe he'll actually protect them for a change with good play calling that doesn't hang them out to dry!
  2. Love this. Really cool to get something like that going. Willing to bet that the league offers him a position doing the same thing after he retires.
  3. Winston takes it a step farther by not caring if he throws INTs that BECOME TDs...
  4. You could be right. I'm (probably naively) hoping for a situation where we go straight from great QB to great QB. I'm also hoping to win the lottery.
  5. I'm not "mad" at anyone - don't know any of these people personally. But, at the risk of starting a longer conversation than intended (or needed), not clear on how Atlanta "struck first". Julio got a mega contract and then decided it wasn't good enough and so held out and got another contract with a massive amount of guaranteed money. If reports indicating that he didn't like the deal are accurate, he shouldn't have signed it - that's on him. Not like the Falcons were going one-sided on it; that contract set up a big chunk of the nasty cap situation we're in right now, so they agreed to feel s
  6. I'd say Ryan over Julio, but honestly no one is guaranteed their position. Ryan says it best - you don't own the locker, you rent, and the rent is due every Sunday. I wish Blank had never said that "Falcon for life" thing about anyone. What's likely to happen is he'll leave and there will be some hurt feelings and then in a few years, once he's retired, he and Blank will make up and they'll hang his jersey in the rafters. As to why he wants out, I think he probably doesn't feel like going through another rebuild (no matter what others call it, we're breaking in an entirely new regim
  7. Yeah, didn’t think that one through. It’s the off-season post-draft.
  8. None taken. Figured you wouldn’t - you made your stance clear. I just thought it was interesting and was a way to think about something other than work stuff! 😂
  9. Have to correct one thing - there is a locational element to it as well. The position of the sun when playing in Miami combined with forcing away teams to wear dark jerseys. The field in Pittsburgh being notoriously bad and benefiting the team with experience dealing with it. But the physical elements are slowly being mitigated - artificial turf that is uniformly installed helps negate field issues. Improved cooling technology mitigates the Miami sun. In the long run, the emotional part may be the only part left! But still a factor!
  10. Interesting. But being "better" is not an absolute thing or else there would never be upsets. So there must be variable factors that play into whether team "A" or team "B" is "better" on game day, such as overall player skill (subjective in and of itself, but at least somewhat observable), relative performance levels (as in, players don't play at exactly the same level every time they play - "Ryan was 'off' today!"), player error (Devonta Freeman whiffing that blitz pickup), outside interference (the refs blowing the call that led substantively to the Rams making the Super Bowl over the Saints
  11. Yeah, that was the point I was trying to make. I wish that they would add a squat test for linemen to the combine in addition to bench reps.
  12. Bench is nice, but anchoring involves a lot of lower body strength, too. Realistically, as far as I know he could be an absolute beast already and any speculation otherwise is rubbish. Either way, I trust our staff to get him where he needs to be.
  13. 30 ppg is a high bar - two teams from last year got to that range. League average last year was 24.3 (we were just north of that and ranked 16th despite all our issues). 27 ppg would have been top ten last year. I would think we'd be okay with 27 ppg on average if the defense can be even middle of the road (I think it'll take a season or two to start thinking about the defense being a strength assuming we have steady improvement at all). Remember that despite the horrible record, our point differential was very slight due to all the blown leads and late collapses.
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