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  1. They were talking on Dukes and Bell either yesterday or the day before about Javonte Williams and had one of the draft guys (Daniel Jeremiah, I think?) on and I'm starting to think that if we want Williams, we'll have to take him early in the second. Seems to be a riser these days.
  2. Would love to see a situation where we swap picks with Cincy so they can make sure they get Sewell and we still have the option to do more or less what we want.
  3. Not at the expense of advancing the team, though. Giving up a certain first down in an effort to break a big play is usually not a good idea.
  4. I dunno - I think that Lurie is pretty sold on Jalen Hurts for now. I see the Eagles going for a receiver more than a QB.
  5. My thought is, if Ridley could do so well in a scheme that often causes receivers to run into the same zone, bunching defenders and making it harder to be open, he could explode in a scheme that uses route combinations to get players open before the ball is even snapped.
  6. If anything, while rooting for the Chiefs, I was okay with Tampa winning just imagining Bill Belichick making that pinched face when some reporter eventually asks him how he feels about Brady winning without him.
  7. Or something from Germany around 1939 or so... 😦 I keed, I keed...
  8. Thanks! In my youth, I posted a ton. These days, I mostly lurk and read the articles - this place is a great clearinghouse for content so my lazy self doesn't have to hunt!
  9. It's not rookie pay for veterans, man. It means that vet min only counts as much as rookie pay AGAINST THE CAP. Besides, a first year practice squad player in the NFL pulls down $8400/week - over $142,000 for 17 weeks' work. Players with more experience make more on the practice squad. It goes up from there. Meanwhile, for perspective, the median household income in the US is about $68k/year (52 weeks). While I get the concern over the physical toll it takes, at the end of the day, players today make a choice knowing the risks (as opposed to in the past when the evidence appears that
  10. I'll take 2018-type stats from Ryan - 69.4% completion percentage, 4924 yards, 35 TDs, 7 INTs.... If we have a defense that's worth anything and even a hint of a running game, we'll be right in the hunt for the Super Bowl.
  11. It's not THAT unreasonable to look for a ten-win season when you think about it. Coming off of the most toxic year in franchise history and with a rookie QB, we went 11-5 and made the playoffs. That same QB now has a ton of experience, including winning league MVP, and has strong supporting players at several positions. If the defense had been competent last year for the whole season, they'd have been a middle of the road unit with the personnel we had in place. If we upgrade a few positions and the offense is organized to its strengths, it's very possible we could see a repeat of 2008. A
  12. Well, it seems from the article that Smith came up in the interview with Fontenot and Blank and McKay were impressed with how they'd already been exchanging ideas, etc. I'm sure that had an impact in the decision, but I would imagine as far as having a "say" in the hiring, Fontenot didn't... because he hadn't been hired yet, either.
  13. The hindsight argument is such garbage. "Well, so-and-so turned out to be one of the best players in the league at his position, so we're stupid for not drafting him!" Gimme a break. There is absolutely NOTHING that suggests that the results of a player drafted by whatever team would have been the same if he was drafted by Atlanta. Football players are human and humans have variables that can't be quantified on an internet draft rankings board but are no less important for it. A player has to be in the right environment with the right coaches and the right scheme to hit their peak potential. S
  14. Was just referencing that he doesn't have a smooth delivery. Not a natural public speaker. I was really just kind of joking around - it makes exactly zero difference if he is a gifted speaker as long as he can coach football.
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