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  1. Over 200, I'd say. Had season tix from 1992 to 2016 (opened the Dome and closed it). Went to games before that in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium as well. Seen some great football and saw a LOT of bad football. But was time with my Dad and my brother while we were growing up and I wouldn't trade a second of it.
  2. We were very shaky in week 1 of last season, too. The offense clicked quickly and we were off to the races on offense starting in week 2 (35 points against Oakland). Besides, if we can look shaky in week 1 and still be considered a 10-win team, that's very encouraging, wouldn't you think?
  3. It was the cosmic balance for that horrendous whiffed block on that Saints defensive lineman where it looked like he broke his own leg through sheer awkwardness.
  4. What a waste...
  5. 1) We met in the produce section. 2) Looked huge, honestly - not quite my height, but looked like a beast. 3) Yes. 4) I make it a rule to wait until the third date.
  6. Gotcha. It would have been fine if you'd taken one look at that pic and assumed I rocked a minivan - I know what I look like.
  7. Nah, stopping with one. And I've got a Ford Fusion and the wife has an SUV.
  8. Ha! Nope, sure don't. Wife doesn't, either. Only the one kid, so don't need a bus!
  9. Ran into Duke Riley at the grocery store near my house. Imposed on a moment of his time to wish him and the team well and he was very friendly and gracious and kind to my little boy (he's three). Neat moment for my son and me. I don't usually do this kind of thing, but it's been a **** of a week (father-in-law had a heart attack, but is recovering well) and my self-control was at low ebb. Grateful for Riley's courtesy!
  10. Yeah, the hotel has its drawbacks, but since I live out in Dacula, we are too far out to drive in and out every day. And it keeps us from drinking, which is half the point! Hehe
  11. Been ten years in a row with the wife, but it got too expensive and we have a three year old who is about ready for family vacations. Also, didn't want to plunk down $1200 or so just to reserve a room since they make you pay all four nights up front now.
  12. Tip o' the cap, sir. That was great.
  13. You know QBs around the league are thinking, "Come on, guys..."
  14. Beat me to it. If we're putting up points in buckets like we did last year, we can negate good running attacks.