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  1. Surprised no one mentioned Chiefs-Raiders. Goes back a long way and those games were riddled with cheap shots and intentional injuries for years!
  2. It's nice when it happens to someone else. Still mad about John Abraham playing in that meaningless week 17 game and getting hurt before the playoff run...
  3. That's what I was thinking, actually.
  4. If he falls that far, it'd be hard to pass up. He looks every bit the part of the next great corner.
  5. Must be nice to have a rock solid defense for much of your career. Ryan's never had CLOSE to that and has accomplished what he has.
  6. It's been said, but yeah, we gain nothing by firing him midseason. We can't talk to other teams' coaches yet and we can't make a hire (unless they're out of the league and why would we want that?). We CAN start doing groundwork and I'm certain that Blank is doing that, probably as I type this. The Panthers jumped the gun in my opinion - they didn't gain anything by firing Rivera. Doing something just to do something almost never accomplishes anything good. Oh, and someone asked if Blank's ever fired a coach mid-season - he fired Dan Reeves in 2003 right after Vick came back and won his return game. I think he realized that that didn't gain him anything and so understands there's no point in doing it again.
  7. Think we can probably lock and delete this thread... heh
  8. The first game against the Saints gives me hope. He played well against a superb end, which shows ability. Experience and training will help. That said, he'll definitely need a good offseason's worth of work.
  9. I mean, while Williams was there, Cam was responding to adversity by sitting on the bench with a towel over his head not talking to anyone. Even his head coach called him out for that.
  10. Preach. My five-year-old has a better vocabulary than some of the people with whom I work because the wife and I have always spoken to him like he's got a brain and defined words for him that he didn't know.
  11. I stand corrected. Thank you for clearing that up!
  12. I thought one of our fourth rounders was a compensatory pick. You can't trade those, if I recall correctly.
  13. Still have to satisfy the Rooney Rule and interview a minority candidate. The two with whom we've requested interviews are in the playoffs this week and so we can't interview them until their team is out of it. So, unless we interview another minority candidate, the hiring won't happen this week.
  14. sup bro. hows married life?