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  1. Thanks, I may have more than one account as a matter of fact I think I have 3. will try to figure it all out before it's to late to pick next week. thanks again.
  2. I signed up days ago but now being told I am not a member. I am #28 on the list of results Bamabird20 what is the problem. Do I need new signin directions or what? I have done this contest in the past and never had problems. !!!help!!!week 2 picks should be already in, I always do 2 at a time.
  3. This board is like the 2nd or third version. There were others before Reeves was coach. I believe one was ran by the AJC. I have been here the whole time , just don't post much.
  4. I would not take him the first, ATL needs healthy players on the field now. Ragland in the first, badly need upgrade over Worrilow and he is a natural team leader and defensive captain, Smith has better quickness and a better cover guy but they both would be a huge upgrade a long time starter. If healthy I would consider picking Smith in the 2nd and later if not.
  5. If they can get a couple of O-lineman in free agency and a LB Treadwelll would not be a bad pick then. There will be other DEs available in the 2nd.
  6. Where did you get that from? I believe he was drafted out of Alabama for the MLB position on the Oakland Raiders and had a very for rookie year. after a couple of seasons he dropped out of football and return to the Eagles before going to the Cowboys. There is also word out that Demeco Ryans will also be available in free agency this year. Either would be a big improvement over Worrilow.
  7. Dez is not "moving" to cb. It was stated that he will play some corner in nickel and dime pkgs. Quinn also said that he really likes Tru and Alford at corner because of their man coverage skills. Noone is moving or switching positions.
  8. There are several options that would be better than Kroy at this particular time. He is low in coverage, getting wiped out on the runs or just "juked" off his feet. He is suppose to be the 3rd LB on runs and 2nd BE on pass rush. What few plays he has made all year was when he wasn't blocked, he is killing the defense. If Starr knew all the plays he would be a better option than Kroy.
  9. For what it's worth Kroy plays the position of primary pass rusher on every down. If we are not getting to the QB enough you must there first, he had zero pressures on Breeze and many missed tackles. He did "ok" in the 2nd half but should have done a lot more and the plays were right in front of him.
  10. on everyplay 77 was in he was double teamed which should have freed up someoneelse. #71 is the guy that needs to stepup bigtime.
  11. When youare in a 3/4 defense your pass rush comes from the blitz because there are only 3 lineman. Most were asking for a 3/4 defense and did not understand the concept.
  12. You should not think who they will draft is based soley on the interviews. There is still time to interview 30 or 40 players by draft day. who is signed in free agency will give a better indication of the draft than anythingelse.
  13. There were plenty of players that could do that job, he was the only one put in that position because it was not going to be used that often. The injuries started and they had to play him because of his experience not his talent. $4.2m is way too much for his production even if he is starting.
  14. Hawley is a "flopper" he will fall all over the field to try and get a player flagged or even ejected just like in basket ball.
  15. Tony never officially retired (turned in papers) is why he was still counting against the cap. At some point before next season he would have and the credit would have been given then.
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