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  1. this deserves to be on the front page. can we get a pin mods? this deserves it as much if not more than the rest of the threads on this message board.
  2. word dude that was one of the saddest movies ive ever seen. when it got to the sad part i called my dog and made him come sit with me i was so sad.
  3. this reckless spending is truly out of control. we are fabricating money out of nowhere, the banks didnt really pay back any actual money, just the idea of $4 billion. that money will never be in circulation because it was made up by the liberal and borderline socialist media. but in all honesty, great read. im glad the plan is actually starting to work. im glad the banks are starting to pay that money back. its almost as if this plan was economically sound... or something.
  4. lmaoooo there isnt if you have a ******, no.
  5. my god a double fracture? jesus christ that was horrible. his foot was pointing up at his gundam knee hanging like an ornament. my god that was bad.
  6. so because people have made stupid predictions that turned out to be wrong we should burn fossil fuels and do things that we know with 100% certainty have a negative effect on our living conditions. you are a f*cking ******.
  8. man this honest to god breaks my heart man, im so sorry all this is going on but i just saw this thread. i will pray for you and i hope to god that you have a speedy recovery. i cant even imagine trying to go through all the stuff you have been going through right now. ive never met you but i am proud to have talked to you on this mb, that is how strong a dude you are. you have the right attitude and i know you can beat this. i look forward to talking to you about the draft again this year. if you keep fighting i have no doubt that it will happen.
  9. talk about a good recommendation. lol. comin from gritz thats awesome. im lookin forward to seeing it, this should be sweet.
  10. agreed cappy. i am really rooting for TJ now. thanks for posting prof, great, great reads.
  11. he did, he simplified it. im sure there will be some new stuff, but i think tony g will help give our offense a very new look even if we are running the same stuff we ran last year just because the TE is now a dynamic threat. that changes the entire gameplan for a defense regardless of the tape they have on ryan. theyve never seen him play in a regular season game with a good TE, much less a first ballot HOF TE like gonzalez.
  12. true but the rushing plays should be included. on rare occasions like 3rd and long the DE's can pin their ears back and try to beat their man to the outside, but on most plays they have to worry about the run as well as getting to the quarterback. so i dont think you can just take out all the rushing plays to get an accurate number on how often you hurry or sack the qb. if thats what youre going for then you could have guys just flying upfield and running themselves out of the play versus the run, and that is just as bad (if not worse) than not getting consistent pressure on the QB. i will readily admit that i have been a ja98 doubter since last year. he started to prove me wrong for a game and a half and i was hoping he would keep it up but then he got hurt and never recovered from it in my opinion. im not sure he has it in him to be a good/great pass rusher in this league, but i will gladly be proven wrong. i do think he is valuable against the run, but one dimensional players dont deserve to be picked #8 overall and dont deserve the nice chunk of change he has been getting on a yearly basis. i hope he improves this year and it is good to see has been putting the effort in to make it happen. this is the make or break year for him, and if the lightbulb doesnt come on this year he has to go.
  13. lol this would be awesome. man id love to see him try to run. my god, your ignorance is absolutely stifling. i get that you dont like obama, in fact we all do, but just because you say he is stupid does not make it so. just because you say he has no business being POTUS does not make it so. the irony of you talking about obama's irresponsible actions after the last 8 years of mentally handicapped leadership from the bush administration is nothing short of hysterical. the only reason you think they are irresponsible is because you either A. don't understand the economics behind it or B. you just choose to claim that they are radical and irresponsible because the policies are not in alignment with your personal, right wing nut-job views. or perhaps it is a combination of both. i honest to god feel sorry for your 7 year old because he has about a 1% chance of turning into a normal human being that doesn't absolutely despise everyone who has a different opinion from his own. but here's hoping he beats the odds, but they are heavily stacked against him.
  14. this burn makes no sense. not to mention you seem to have problem spelling words correctly. i get that you can't help being ignorant, but when you're trying to call someone else ignorant at least step your game up and spell all the words you type correctly. this ^^^
  15. once Eric and Kelso left that show was absolute trash. i LOVED it up until that point, but it was straight garbage after they left.
  16. man thats just pathetic. and really disgusting too. makes me wanna cut mine up and roll with cash, but i need my card for when i buy books and such since they can be real pricey.
  17. :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
  18. jimbo youre fallin off with the quoting my man. thats how you know its time to go to bed lol.
  19. come on over and try to kick my teeth out then. country <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  20. shes a freshmen and i was hookin her up with beer. plus i was doing my best DJ Cism impression and mixin up some music tonight in my room to keep people in here. and im glad you liked that. that was a good line. but honest to god i am drunk right now and i barely make any mistakes if any. anyways i got the chicks number and i gotta decide between playing some kind of drinking game at my frat tomorrow or chasin tail with this chick. well see, i might hit her up tomorrow afternoon i might not. ill probably go check her out since she lives across the hall from a couple good friends of mine.
  21. didnt know that my man. i imagine theres a deeper reason for that so i wont go into it. we can talk about it on AIM sometime perhaps. but yeah ive still got a bunch for tomorrow. its gonna be sweet. i met this cute girl tonight too, another red head. im gonna have to start numbering the RH's lol.
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