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  1. And the name comes from the 19th century. I haven't seen them in Stalin Era uniforms, so I can't confirm that, though I have seen them in "revolutionary" garb that preceded Stalin (again, 19th century). Again, I've seen them dressed as pirates too. All I know is you're taking a grandiose band waaaaaay too seriously. I've seen Fishman dressed as the Devil (he's bad, right?) and as a corporate shill. I don't think he's either. Do you? Sorry, I don't appreciate a band wearing Soviet uniforms and playing the Soviet National Anthem. I appreciate that about as much as I would appreciate them flying Nazi flags over their show. It's not funny and it's not cool... Then they go and open for Obama... Sure...they aren't putting out any kind of political message... ohhhh my god......
  2. In all seriousness, you were actually threatened by someone over what you posted?More than once. One of them got a hold of some personal information... I have a family w/ 2 daughters. I'd like to be able to speak my mind without having to fear for their safety. This is America for God's sake. we disagree on a lot of things but i hope you dont receive any more threats like that. that is certainly crossing the line. ive read a lot of your stuff (a substantial amount that i dont agree with at all) but thats never even crossed my mind. im sure your family will be safe, but im sorry that this had to happen.
  3. Update: Currently 230lbs the weight loss has slowed way down but a total loss of 58lbs so far this year, another 30lbs to go. Pant size went from 44 to 36, shirt size from XXXL to XL. Still got a bit of a spare tire but it's going flat. great job man! my goal for the summer is to get in better shape (im 190 right now, my normal weight was around 180 but i havent worked out in a while and ive been eating total sh**). im going to go to the site you suggested to try and get some tips, and i will be putting together a workout schedule for next week. i need a membership somewhere though, so that will have to come later (perhaps tomorrow). congratulations on all your work man, im sure it is paying off for you. i bet you feel great. i felt like it might help to hear it, so here ya go! haha
  4. It's a mystery to me why so many African Americans vote Democrat... Read what these nice folks have to say about that... NBRA Martin Luther King Was A Republican There's no mystery whatsoever. The Democratic Party threw out the racists and embraced the Civil Rights Act in 1964 as well as other policies demanded by the Civil Rights Movement. The Republicans, in reponse, nominated a candidate (Goldwater) who opposed the Civil Right Act. The Democrats became the desegregation party and the Republicans became the party of segregationists. Blacks voted accordingly. Over the years, Republicans have given them no reason to come back while the Democrats have continued to promote policies such as affirmative action and government aid to minorities (whether you agree with those policies or not). What's so hard to understand? good post.
  5. if you say so. enjoy your debate, im headin' out.
  6. deathdawg could say the exact same thing. how does posting negative things relative to obama and his campaign any different than what deathdawg is doing? as grendel said there really isnt any point in arguing with you, so i think im going to give it a rest and go get something to eat. youre bright steve, you really are. you are a great debater (especially when it comes to football) and i dont say that about many people. but you could really use a more open-minded attitude than you have. that is just my opinion, and im sure it will get lost in the video battle. but i just had to say it. have a good day guys.
  7. then i guess there is no point in trying to have a discussion with you steve. oh well, i cant say i didnt try.
  8. i dont recall ever saying i support that kind of advertising. both sides do it, so there is no sense in trying to tear obama down for doing it when mccain and everyone else does the same exact thing. that is what is wrong with this country to be honest. you try to win by being negative and pointing out what the other people did wrong in the last term, but dont usually lay down what you plan to do to fix it. obama may not have a clear plan to fix this country, but i dont think anyone else does either. i support obama, but i dont like these negative campaign ads one bit, even if i dont like mccain.
  9. Quit playing games and just admit it, Obama lied and distorted what McCain said. McCain NEVER said he wants 100 years of war. steve im not trying to play games and twist words. and as far as i know that video wasnt sponsored by obama. he did say we could stay in iraq for 100 years, and right now that makes no sense to me. if we stabilized the region and saw them adopt a democratic government that could stand up on its own, and we merely used it as a base camp or area of american influence in the middle east, then it would be completely different. but we are nowhere near that point and that is why people respond to the statement negatively. im not trying to slander either party steve, i really wish the two would work together. but all of this stuff about trying to twist someones words and make everyone that runs look bad with negative campaign ads is something i will never support. im tired of negative campaigns, they only make the divide between republicans and democrats wider.
  10. yet he still supports the war in iraq in which americans are dying. the two statements seem to contradict themselves to me. if he supports the war in iraq, in which americans are dying, what sense does it make to say "lets stay there for 100 years as long as americans arent dying" when they are already dying and staying there longer would only mean more dead american soldiers? that is the problem with the statement as far as i can tell.
  11. Got lies? "Make it a hundred. . . We've been in Japan for 60 years. We've been in South Korea for 50 years or so. That would be fine with me, as long as American, as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed. - John McCain last i checked... we have americans dying in iraq.