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  1. If hes looking to stake a claim then 1 or 2 yrs from now he'll be "hot" OC in line for hes first HC position. Give me a Coach Caldwell as HC, Pat Shumur as DC and Adam Gase as OC.
  2. lets assume the people in charge of making these decisions know more about who they want to draft then we do. lets just enjoy the show and welcome whoever we get
  3. i would rather have Payne at DT. the Edmunds kids would be a nice pick up
  4. think we tend to forget that. plus i think this defense can get better with confidence.
  5. Birds will force Lions to play from behind. we'll T off on Stafford. i expect us to give him the same type of problems we gave Rodgers. Shleby, Jarret, Reeds and Poe will dominant in this game. look for a
  6. Jamaal Anderson. where we drafted him and then the production (or lack there of) we got from him. he has to be in teh top 3 at least
  7. Officiating: The three holding calls in a row on third down was the initial reason the TOP was so lopsided. At this point, the game looked like a first half blowout. The last thing the NFL wants in the Super Bowl, with millions of ad revenue on the line in the 2nd half, is a first half blowout. I'm convinced (and forever will be) that those calls were designed to prevent 100 million people from turning the game off after Lady GaGa. Then there were the NON-CALLs: Once New England looked like they were headed to a historic comeback, they simply weren't flagged for ANYTHING. Multiple illegal picks on the drive to bring them within 7. A blatant hold on the tying TD at the point of attack on Jackson (who was 2 yards in the backfield before the handoff). Their right guard simply GRABBED Jackson's left arm and spun him around. Two blatant offensive PI "blocks" on the tying 2-point conversion. A blatant hi-low on a screen pass on Deion Jones during the final OT drive, also right at the point of attack. And a blatant HOLD on Deion Jones right at the point of attack on the winning TD. You can say what you want, and I know that playoff games are called "looser", but it's hard to believe that many officials could miss that many repeated fouls, all of which directly influenced the play, without some sort of agenda being involved. Sure, we should have won the game anyway. But frankly, we ALLOWED the NFL to "job" us in order to extend the legend of Brady and Belichek, and they obliged. this part tho..
  8. if they werent a fan when we were 3-13, 4-12 i aint trying to hear about being a fan of the a Falcons now. where were they when Vick was being escorted out the building? when Chanlder was the QB? that magical 98 season? if you havent been down with us when we were down, dont jump on the bandwagon now
  9. REVENGE!!! that alone will be enough motivation for us to hang a 40 burger on them. I'm telling you this game will only be close on paper. BIRD GANG ALL DAY!!
  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/former-bills-falcons-safety-keion-carpenter-dies-at-39-after-accident-on-family-vacation-160437539.html tragic. freak accident. condolences to the family
  11. just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all hope the holiday season ends great for you.
  12. http://www.allsportsfree.com/nfl/ sorry i didnt see this post before the game started
  13. I was telling co-workers the same thing. Not because we couldnt won the game it more becuase of the previous weeks. SD caught us at the right time plain and simple. next time we play them it will be here in SD. Cant wait until that game
  14. i will say that we made good 2nd half adjustments to slow them down. to me it was mental errors that cost us this game. the stupid penalties, the blown coverage's, and Kyle Shanahan. those three things will always equal a lose in my book. Kyle has no clue how to adapt his play calling to the strength of his team. his inability to make adjustments to what the defense is doing is going to have us staring 5-11 right in the face. its gonna be a long season
  15. Im not sure what made TD and Quinn think hiring Shanny was a good idea in the first place. Someone tell me when this guy actually had a dynamic offense (and if all you have is RGIII your trippin) or a top tier offense. the Shanny name is what got him the job and he's failed. Preseason be ****ed. we've had enough time to see this scheme will not be effective in the NFC South or any other division. Shanny needs to go. And to be honest Ryan has gotten gun shy in that pocket. Its time to start looking for his replace now before it becomes a dire need
  16. Devonta appears to be a very outstanding young man. hope he plans on doing more after he hangs up the cleats
  17. this was one of the reason that i was against him being hired. the OC needs to be able to adjust to what the defense is doing. this fool has proven that he doesnt make in game adjustments very well. i hope that changes this year. he's never had a team as talented as we are so he needs to make the magic happen or else....
  18. the overall thoughts seems to resemble the same thing that was said about Roddy coming out of college. We have a great WR coach here. I think he will bring out the best in Sanu
  19. Saw this article on PFT. He's still on the staff right? I would be quite upset if they let this man go. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/01/24/falcons-hire-jerome-henderson-move-raheem-morris-to-offense/
  20. the INT's between the 20's don't bother me as much as the ones in the red zone. the amount of red zone INT's were a factor of a lot of things and yes one of them was Matt making bad throws or decisions with the ball. I still put the bulk of the blame on the OC. I'm biased as **** because I think the only reason this guy is an OC to begin with his daddy. take that last name away and this guy is mid management at Home Depot. and there's articles floating around about Matt not having a complete grasp on the offense. Not cool Ice...not cool at all. Blank is also saying he's going to stick with TD and Shanny...not liking this at all
  21. So after the season we just had with this coordinator you guys are asking if Roddy still has it? I know he does, what he hasn't had an a real chance to show it. I think this offense improves the instant we fire Shanahan.
  22. I don't think we have to blow up the team. we need to get younger and faster, bigger across the board, and more physical. most of that is a mindset. we're just not a team that plays with that hunger. I don't think thats something that can be coached. we need to find/draft those players. One's that will buy into Quinn's system and play with that desired intensity. At the same time Kyle Shanahan needs to go. this offensive philosophy of his has been unproductive the entire time he's been a coordinator. Once we give KS his walking paper we turn right around and hand Dimitroff his pink slip too. TD has failed this team. the amount of quality players he's bought in vs the amount of subpar players would leave any fan disappointed in him. I need Blank to start making moves to find a GM that Quinn has some history with.
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