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  1. If hes looking to stake a claim then 1 or 2 yrs from now he'll be "hot" OC in line for hes first HC position. Give me a Coach Caldwell as HC, Pat Shumur as DC and Adam Gase as OC.
  2. lets assume the people in charge of making these decisions know more about who they want to draft then we do. lets just enjoy the show and welcome whoever we get
  3. i would rather have Payne at DT. the Edmunds kids would be a nice pick up
  4. think we tend to forget that. plus i think this defense can get better with confidence.
  5. Birds will force Lions to play from behind. we'll T off on Stafford. i expect us to give him the same type of problems we gave Rodgers. Shleby, Jarret, Reeds and Poe will dominant in this game. look for a
  6. Jamaal Anderson. where we drafted him and then the production (or lack there of) we got from him. he has to be in teh top 3 at least
  7. Officiating: The three holding calls in a row on third down was the initial reason the TOP was so lopsided. At this point, the game looked like a first half blowout. The last thing the NFL wants in the Super Bowl, with millions of ad revenue on the line in the 2nd half, is a first half blowout. I'm convinced (and forever will be) that those calls were designed to prevent 100 million people from turning the game off after Lady GaGa. Then there were the NON-CALLs: Once New England looked like they were headed to a historic comeback, they simply weren't flagged for ANYTHING. Multiple illegal pick
  8. if they werent a fan when we were 3-13, 4-12 i aint trying to hear about being a fan of the a Falcons now. where were they when Vick was being escorted out the building? when Chanlder was the QB? that magical 98 season? if you havent been down with us when we were down, dont jump on the bandwagon now
  9. REVENGE!!! that alone will be enough motivation for us to hang a 40 burger on them. I'm telling you this game will only be close on paper. BIRD GANG ALL DAY!!
  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/former-bills-falcons-safety-keion-carpenter-dies-at-39-after-accident-on-family-vacation-160437539.html tragic. freak accident. condolences to the family
  11. just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all hope the holiday season ends great for you.
  12. http://www.allsportsfree.com/nfl/ sorry i didnt see this post before the game started
  13. I was telling co-workers the same thing. Not because we couldnt won the game it more becuase of the previous weeks. SD caught us at the right time plain and simple. next time we play them it will be here in SD. Cant wait until that game
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