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  1. 4 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Also, since this is Piccadilly

    Came through drippin' (drippin')
    I ain't never slippin', I'm a pimp (pimp)
    ****in' with a quarter million, (beep), what a feelin' (feelin')
    Abort the mission, (beep), they be tellin' off and squealin' (squealin')
    Splash, took a ***** to Piccadilly (splash)
    Water in my ear, gave a (beep) wet willy (wet willy)

    Son, Piccadilly still open?

  2. 43 minutes ago, GEORGIAfan said:


    :o Schumer backing legalization and Student loan debt cancellation. 

    Decriminalize it too!  People in D.C. (where use was legalized (IIRC)) in 2014) are thinking they didn't go far enough.  Police still locking black people up over it, and if they smell marijuana, they use it to pat down black people, and check for warrants against them.  Police camped out in SE and harass black people constantly.  Let me not remind you, D.C. has a black mayor

  3. 33 minutes ago, papachaz said:

    if it wasn't for my side hobby pocket money 'gonna stash some cash for christmas' corn hole board building sales on facebook market, I swear to God I'd deactivate my account until about march just to get away from the stupidity....

    in spite of the fact that I have ALWAYS told people don't send me videos, the 'voter fraud' videos are coming in almost as fast as the 'extended car warranty' calls and texts on my phone



    I put the laughing emoji there, but it really is sad

    True story Papa.  Before I actually knew the "proper" name for the game, the FIRST time I heard "corn hole," I was like "WTH, now you have some weirdos sucking on corn cobs through a hole in the wall!"  I still chuckle to this day when I think back to that moment. :lol::lol:

  4. 2 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    I’m all about forgiveness. End of the day, no matter how foolish the next person acts, it’s not going to impact how you live. Just gotta find it in your heart to forgive apologies that don’t exist and keep moving in a positive way. 

    Even here on this website we have undercover racists, instigators, drama queens, that carry on and on daily for no reason at all other than to seek attention. It’s laughable how hard they actually try. Even people IRL that do it, just look at it and laugh at it. Ultimately you know deep down they only want to get under your skin so how do you counter it. Laugh and ignore it. I promise you it’s the easiest thing you can do. 

    Try it and see how much more you smile at their ignorance 

    My son, you and the daughter-in-law got to vote again January, 5, 2021.  Take people to vote with you, and spread the word!!!

  5. Just now, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    To know that I HAVE the chance to DIRECTLY &uck them both up is almost just as juicy as Chump tears!!!

    Yessssssir!!!  I can't vote down there in my home state, but I'm counting on YOU and others to vote to put Warnock and Ossoff in the senate!    Let Georgia know they have broad shoulders and they can carry the load if they square their shoulders and get that stance right!

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