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  1. Not making excuses for Biden because he is not my preferred dem candidate (that person was Bernie), but Biden is light years better than Trump! I type that to say this, that crime bill was supported (and pushed) by A LOT of black mayors and politicians, so we helped do ourselves in again.
  2. Bruh, let this TikTok video (courtesy of our Swiss friend) of a fine *** 53 y/o sista cheer you up. No double guts to be found, she takes care of herself. Look at how she grabs that rope at the end, she knows what to to do! Enjoy!
  3. Just make sure you wear your "I Love Gucci Mane" t shirt on when you do! GUCCI!!!!!!
  4. Not me, I studied HARD, but I was a HOE, HOE, HOE, then I pledged, and kept on HOE, HOE, HOEin'!!!
  5. Steve is the cat fighting, all of these female cats are MINE champion of Conyers, GA! He'll come home once another male cat takes the belt from him! Keep hope alive!
  6. I think Julian STILL has negative likes on the board from the carnage he caused back then!!!
  7. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid, Saint Ray made an asss out of himself RECENTLY!!!!!
  8. Remember when Julian was younger, people said he'd end up on the terrorist watch list??? Those were the days! I'm PROUD of Julian now!
  9. If you remember that, then you also remember that goofy "poem/soliloquy/ode" WTH ever that **** was that DEEEEEEEE FREAKIN' LUSIONAL "lady" Panthers fan posted comparing that sorry *** team to the 9'ers dynasty in TATF, right? That ******** was a REAL hoot! Panthers "fans" got the Aint's "fans" beat when it comes to sheer stupidity!!!!
  10. Yessir, the main board was a cesspool from '04 to '08, but get this, the board won an award before that when it was a really chill board!!!
  11. Only three? I'm glad one of the recent mods either quit or got the boot. That person had the same problem as Sac!
  12. Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......???? Dude tormented people for YEARS banning people over stupid stuff or for simply disagreeing with him, and "some" looked the other way. Inquiring minds want to know, what happened???
  13. Can't lie, I like trying to figure out alts and new posters, but you and Schruncomarxx have clearly been regulars in ABF in the past.
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