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  1. Why a hemi? I would put a wides asss Ford modular engine, Coyote, or Voodoo (we can all dream) before a Hemi.
  2. Hemi's wide as all ****, an LS or LT will fit with room to spare!
  3. You can write off getting a CJ anything for the low low unless it's been dogged out or turned into a mud buggy! All of these old school Jeeps, Scouts, Broncos, K5 Blazers, Jimmys, Travellettes, Willys anything, Land Cruiser prices are through the roof! I'm lucky to have picked up a Grand Wagoneer and J10 when I did!
  4. Segregated schools and all! Grandad on my fathers side got rich in the segregated south, but we were still black (my mother is 100% Native American). Grandad on mothers side left the reservation for a good state job driving a dump truck and a tractor.
  5. NP! On another note, my dad (and my mothers brother) fought like **** in Korea (in the same outfit). My dad came home and said "**** the south" and moved to Ohio, where me and my older brother and sisters were born! He didn't come back to the south until my grandad said he needed help.
  6. I had several uncles that fought in WWII, several driving trucks, one helped build a railroad in Iran, the other actually was a "fighting man" in Italy. I don't take anything from what any of them did, but one thing that they all said, to a man, that they helped free other people when they weren't free men in the USA. The ones that drove the trucks said that they would take supplies to the front, and drove German POWS to the railhead at the rear. They said the military treated the German POWs better than they treated the black soldiers! Perspective is key, but again, it was what it was!
  7. No (meaning, I wasn't in the room) but you appear be getting upset about it.
  8. C'mon Vandy, I'm not anti-American anything! I fought for this country, one engagement had everything to do with the Monroe Doctrine, but, with that being said, the Japanese started negotiating with MacArthur in the Philippines to end the war. The japanese wanted conditions (mainly, what happens to the emperor), the US wanted unconditional surrender. Stalin told Truman (or was it Roosevelt, I forget) earlier that he would join in the fight after Germany was defeated. Japan had been whispering to the USSR too behind the scenes. Once the USSR entered the fight, Japan figured they'd get bet
  9. Your brother had a hand in this witchcraft, I plead the FIF!!!!
  10. You know you can be a pain in the asss, but welcome back from the dead!
  11. Looks like the same truck Lee Majors drove in The Greatest American Hero.
  12. Yep, Happy Birthday @biloxifalcon. Drink a Red Stripe for me! I don't smoke, but enjoy!
  13. Good luck finding a base model cyber truck when it hits the market
  14. All true. They had already started negotiations directly with MacArthur in the phillipines to end the war. People tend to forget that LeMay killed more people dropping incendiary munitions on Tokyo than either atomic bomb, plus the Soviets started folding up the Japanese forces in Manchuria and elsewhere, and grabbed a Japanese home island to boot! The A bombs were meant to back down the USSR, not to end the war with Japan. Edit: plus, Stalin had promised Roosevelt that he would enter the war on Japan after Germany was defeated!
  15. Probably more than 90K when it hits the market, plus Ford is coming out with an all electric (not hybrid) F150, Rivian (Ford is a major backer) is coming out with an electric truck also.
  16. 90K gets you a King Ranch F350 with all the bells and whistles (sun roof, cameras, etc.), 4wd, a diesel engine that puts out over 1000 ft. lbs.torque, etc, and you can put it to work. 90K gets you a 5 series BMW.
  17. That was a CLASSIC!!! Wasn't Cappy trying to sell him a beat up Ford Focus?
  18. 1000 heavily armed black people exercising their second amendment rights marching around Stone Mountain is why! When white people do it (on the regular I might add), it's all good, but when black people do it, people freak out! Notice, you don't see the fraudulent *** NRA supporting NFACs right to bear arms? Happens EVERY TIME! Reagan reacted the same way in California!
  19. Naaaaaah, it's the same thing that spooked Ronald Reagan..............
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